Why a Facebook Phone could change mobile forever

The internet is abuzz with word that the Facebook Phone will finally show itself on Thursday. While the HTC-made device itself doesn’t sound like much – with a mid-size screen and dual-core processor it won’t trouble the Samsung Galaxy S4 for pure power – the custom homescreen launcher it’ll land with could just be revolutionary. […]

Little Things® Forever: Bring a Magnifying Glass

I guess that most people in their twenties probably cringe at the thought of games that are ‘suitable for all ages’, and wouldn’t be caught dead playing a game with graphics geared towards children. For those of you who fall into that category (myself from two weeks ago included), I say to you, awake, arise […]

Tupac – Forever Young [Remix]

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CataCoffin Coffin Sound System: Torture Your Dead Enemies With Justin Bieber Forever

COMMENTARY | Waking the dead is a common denouncement when someone is complaining about a stereo system being too noisy. But the CataCoffin coffin sound system might be capable of literally waking the dead. The CataCoffin is a heavily customized wooden coffin that includes a built-in sound system. For the mere cost of $ 30,000 […]

NVIDIA GRID revealed to change cloud gaming forever

This week NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsung Huang spoke at CES 2013 about the potential of the gaming industry, making it clear that the cloud was the next great place for that industry to go. With that, he revealed NVIDIA GRID. The beast you’re seeing in the images below works with 20 GRID servers per rack, 240 […]

How can I remove the Servads virus forever?

I have been infected by the Servads virus and I have tried a number of different ad blockers to no avail. I have Norton CC cleaner and Spybot on the system. The question How can I remove the Servads virus forever? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Vinyl Wall Decal – Our Family is Forever. – selected color: Black – Want different color ? Choose from 24 colors in “Color Name” dropbox below

Vinyl Wall Decal – Our Family is Forever. – selected color: Black – Want different color ? Choose from 24 colors in “Color Name” dropbox below Add flair to any room in your home with sports quotes and decals This decal is 15 inches tall and 20 inches long Only the Best Wall Decals Out […]

Freeview turns 10: Ten ways it changed the living room forever

Today is a milestone in living room tech – and it’s nothing to do with Windows 8, the iPad mini or any other bit of kit launched in the last week. Nope, today is Freeview TV’s tenth birthday. The free to air standard didn’t just change terrestrial TV, it completely changed how we use our […]

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