What are the most effective platforms and respective forms of protection for selling a program while minimizing loss of revenue to file-sharing?

If a person – has an idea for a software, and – is concerned about minimizing loss of revenue due to file sharing, – and also has the option of choosing any of several platforms for development and distribution (Windows, iPad/iPhone, Web-based internet app, etc.)… then which combination of development tool / platform / protection […]

Any there tricks for editing large input forms on an iPad?

I use an Internet app for work that requires I fill an HTML form daily that is very large – lots of scrolling to be done. On my 24 inch monitor, the form fits nicely. I’d like to fill that form out on an iPad in real time as I do my work rather than […]

3Net forms studio to develop more 3D, 4K content

3Net forms studio to develop more 3D, 4K content Is the lack of 3D programming holding back 3D adoption? Apparently 3D network 3net thinks so: It’s launching a new studio to develop and distribute new 3D content, including some in the higher 4K “ultra HD” resolution. Called 3net Studios, the new TV-program production and distribution […]

Don’t Let Browser Crashes Waste Your Time: Here’s How To Back Up Forms & Email Enquiries

While browsers keep getting better and better, there’s one thing none of them have managed to abolish entirely – crashes. Every browser (well, OK, at least the big names) crashes every once in a while, and that’s without getting into more general computer crashes, loss of power (happens even on a Mac!), etc. No matter […]

Kill The Tedium of Online Forms With These 10 Great Autofill Tools

Filling out forms online is something we all do. Whether it’s checking out our purchase on an online store, signing up for the online store, logging into an online store or adding new information to the online store.  Obviously we fill out forms on websites other than online stores, but I wanted to keep the […]

FlexiForm 1.1 for iOS – Store Your Data Using Templated and Custom Forms

Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam – Metabling today is pleased to announce FlexiForm 1.1 for iOS, an update to their productivity app that allows iDevice owners to design and use customized data entry forms. With 10 built-in templates, the app’s Designer function lets users modify existing templates or build their own, and the Viewer function […]

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