The “Am I Going Down?” iPhone app is now available for free!

When app developers Vanilla Pixel launched an iPhone app to reassure those with a fear of flying, it proved hugely popular around the world. First released in January 2015, the app helps to calm fearful flyers by calculating the odds of the flight “going down”, based on safety statistics for the specific airline, the type […]

Just get an IPad given the fact that I am going to get an ebook reader?

Question by CentralSet: Just get an IPad given the fact that I am going to get an ebook reader? I want a ebook reader. I try to maximize convenience in my life and am rather “basic”. Probably not the right term to use, but for example… I have very few things. The things I do […]

From the Editor’s Desk: We’re going to Facebook – but first, a few questions

So we'll be at Facebook HQ on Thursday morning to find out about its "New home in Mobile." I've seen countless headlines (mostly rewrites of what probably are controlled leaks) full of possible answers about what we'll see on Thursday morning. We'll be there, of course, to check it out. Liveblogs are inevitable, but Facebook […]

How much is the blackberry storm 2 9550 going to cost?

Question by i have a cocky belt buckle: How much is the blackberry storm 2 9550 going to cost? i was wondering does anyone have a estimate on how much the blackberry storm 2 9550 is going to cost without a 2 year contract? Best answer: Answer by МАРКУС ВИПСАНИУС АГРИППА? Know better? Leave your […]

Facebook Settles Class Action Lawsuit In The US – Emails Going Out Are Not Spam [Updates]

Recently, many Facebook users received an email message coming from people claiming to be Facebook’s legal department. If you receive this email, your first instinct will probably tell you that this email is spam, and that you should delete it. In most cases that would be a good assumption, but in this case it is […]

Going Vertical – Free Your Browser Window From Clutter With Vertical Toolbar [Firefox]

I love Firefox. Yes, it’s not perfect, I’ll admit to that in a heartbeat, but for me, it’s almost everything I want from a browser. One thing that does bother me though, is its slight tendency for clutter. Take, for example, the default orange settings button.  It’s big, it’s ugly, and it takes way too […]

Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro Going On Sale February 9

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet will go on sale February 9. The new tablet adds a full version of the Windows 8 platform to Microsoft’s struggling tablet line. The new tablet will go on sale in both the United States and Canada. While the Surface RT was focused squarely on the tablet market, […]

Dell Going Private To Build USB Computer That Runs Windows, Mac, Linux, Other Operating Systems

Dell is attempting to move from a public to private company for the first time in decades and that move could allow the company to experiment with a new type of revolutionary USB-stick based PC. Known as project Ophelia the unit is a “self-contained PC” that is the size of a USB thumb drive. The device runs […]

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