Government action on ‘senseless’ tax shield subsidy would benefit entrepreneurs

Government action to reverse a ‘senseless’ tax shield subsidy that promotes debt would benefit entrepreneurs – and society as a whole, according to Professor Terence Tse from ESCP Europe Business School in London. In a paper co-authored with Mark Esposito from Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education, Professor Tse says that governments should act now […]

US Government Responds To Antigua’s Attempt To Create Illegal Warez Website

As earlier reported, the Antigua government has announced plans to create a warez website that will distributed American software with no royalty payments to American software developers. Now US spokesperson Nkenge Harmon has responded to the Antigua governments announcement. According to Harmon, an illegally created warez website would  ”authorize the theft of intellectual property” and will […]

Antiguan Government To Launch Warez Website, Illegally Sell US-Based Software

The Antiguan government is planning to debut a massive warez website that will sell US-based software without reimbursing US software manufacturers. The website is a planned attempt by Antigua to fight back against US-enacted legislation which has made it illegal for website owners in the country to market and operate their online gambling websites within […]

Can I use a proxy server securely since my government blocked certain websites?

I am currently using Ultra Surf proxy server because YouTube has been blocked due to some government issues. I have seen some of proxy sites says that using a proxy server is safer than using normal internet protocol. Is it true? Can I use my personal stuff through a proxy server without any problems or […]

2013 ABA Government Relations Summit – American Bankers Association

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Government Alerts, Amber Alerts & Emergency Alerts (and How to Turn Them Off)

Recently we had a epic storm in our area that included nearly 12″ of snow, very low temperatures and blizzard conditions. This caused an Emergency Alert to be broadcast by the government. What was most annoying to many in our area is that the alert was posted at 4:00 AM the day before the storm […]

Microsoft Calls For Government Regulators To Crack Down On Google

Google has been under the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission for several years now, but the agencies’ antitrust investigations are expected to finally come to a close early this year – and Microsoft is worried that the search giant will walk away with nothing more than a slap on the […]

US Government Declares Apple’s ‘Steve Jobs Patent’ For iPhone Invalid

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a first Office action tentatively declaring a key Apple multi-touch patent invalid. This just happens to be one of the patents that Apple claimed Samsung infringed upon, and a jury agreed with earlier this year, according to Foss Patents. U.S. Patent No. 7,479,949 on a […]

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