How can I find out from where my Facebook was hacked when messages were sent from a mobile?

My Facebook was hacked. I would like yo know where from. Messages were sent from a mobile, how can I find the location? The question How can I find out from where my Facebook was hacked when messages were sent from a mobile? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Can a hacked version of Windows 7 or 8 compete with Linux in terms of running on an old computer with minimal processing power?

I work in a school with LOTS of VERY old Dell computers (OptiPlex 270′s – 256K RAM, and the requirement to run modern Antivirus software that takes up lots of CPU). Needless to say, the computers are occasionally used for internet access, but very little else. It is my understanding that the IT group is […]

What is the risk if voice mail is hacked?

I read in an article here that even your voice mail can be hacked. OK. So, what is the possible risk if it is hacked? I don’t get it. The question What is the risk if voice mail is hacked? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

GoDaddy DNS Servers Hacked Again, Hit With Ransomware Scam

GoDaddy hacked again? The world’s largest registrar was the victim of a DNS attack on Friday that led to many websites being hijacked by criminals. The attack allowed hackers to add subdomains to a users DNS records, pointing the website to a malicious IP address ran by the hacker. Because victims typed in the correct […]

Barnes And Noble Retail Store PIN Pads Hacked In The US [Updates]

Barnes and Noble has been hacked, and not in the way we are so used to seeing in this Internet-fueled world. Attackers have actually hacked the PIN pads at retail stores. When a customer used one of the hacked credit card terminals, attackers were able to get access to credit card numbers and PIN codes for debit […]

Sony Playstation 3 Hacked Again, Console Encryption Keys Leaked

The Sony Playstation 3 has been hacked yet again and the hackers responsible for the attack have released the console’s encryption keys online. According to EuroGamer: “Sony is waking up to a new PlayStation 3 security nightmare after a day in which a brand new, PSN-enabled custom firmware was released for hacked consoles, swiftly followed up […]

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