What can my cousin do after both her Facebook and Yahoo! email accounts were hacked?

Someone hacked my cousin’s Facebook account and also her Yahoo! email that was connected to Facebook and changed the passwords. Now how can she prove to Facebook who she is in order to get her account back from hackers? The hackers deactivated her Facebook account too. Thanks in advance!

Not Just Email: Your Voice Mail Can Be Hacked, Too – Here’s How To Secure It

Much has been made throughout 2011 and 2012 of the dangers of phone hacking. While many of the victims of the practice – in this case sponsored by major news organizations – were celebrities, politicians and sportsmen, many more were real, regular people who may or may not have been involved with slightly more famous […]

Google Nexus 7 Hacked, Now Shoots 720P Video [Side-By-Side Demonstration]

The Google Nexus 7 tablet ships with 480p video recording capabilities but now thanks to a group of modders the device can record up to 720p video. Posted on XDA Developers the hack was accomplished by changing the devices firmware settings. Apparently the hack was simple and only required changing several lines of code inside the Nexus […]

Now there’s irony: Hacked FBI agent the posterboy for hacker collaboration

The FBI agent whose hacked laptop gave up a 12m-strong database of Apple device user details was the star of a promo encouraging hackers to get involved with the agency, it’s been revealed in an ironic twist to the tale. Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl was featured in a 2009 recruitment video titled “Wanted by […]

Hacked mio c310x

the early stages of my hacked gps unit running windows ce

Hacked websites delivering Android malware, warn security analysts

Hacked websites delivering Android malware, warn security analysts Bad news for owners of smart phones powered by Google’s Android operating system. Security researchers say they’ve discovered NotCompatible, a piece of malware specifically targeting Android devices. And it’s being spread using an old computer trick: drive-by downloads. According to Lookout Mobile Security, NotCompatible “does not currently […]

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