What happens next? 3 Steps to contact centre compliance

Rob Crutchington at Encoded looks at the impact of GDPR on contact centres and discusses three ways to help them remain compliant using technology Contact centres are challenging places. There is certainly plenty to think about with the rising cost of salaries, managing schedules to meet customer demand, looking after staff wellbeing, PCI DDSS compliance […]

What happens with my original software when I re-install Windows?

I have Windows 7 64-bit installed on my 1 TB Seagate hard drive. My motherboard was not working, but with warranty Intel gave me a new motherboard and I have booted Windows with my hard drive. So I want to reinstall Windows 7. I have original software installed on my Windows 7. If I reinstall […]

What Happens When You Shazam The Sound Of A Toilet Flush?

The post What Happens When You Shazam The Sound Of A Toilet Flush? appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

What happens to Android apps installed on my SD card if I switch cards?

Apps installed either on my phone’s memory or SD card memory are shown as ‘apps installed’ under the ‘my android apps’ tab on my Google account. If I want to change my SD card, I can simply uninstall them on older card and re-install them after inserting the new card – right? What would happen if the […]

New iPhone 5 dock: What happens to all your accessories?

Last week’s announcement of the iPhone 5 got Apple fans salivating – so much so that pre-orders promptly sold out. But there was some sour with the sweet: Apple’s new, smaller Lightning connector for the new iPhone 5 is a major shift away from the large, instantly recognisable 30-pin connector it’s used on iPods and […]

The Berenstains’ ‘Nothing Ever Happens At The South Pole’ Slides Into The App Store

Written in the 1960s, Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole preceded The Berenstain Bears’ Bedtime Battle, The Berenstain Bears Trim The Tree, and most of the other tales of Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister bear. Unfortunately, the Berenstains’ South Pole story was quickly overshadowed by the success of the family oriented series. However, thanks to […]

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