Using Microsoft Word? Here’s How To Become a Time-Saving Ninja

Over the years, Microsoft Word has become one of the best word processors in the world. I’m sure there are people out there that disagree – particularly Linux or Mac folks who would really rather not give Microsoft so much credit. But, lets face it, Microsoft has established a very large foothold in this area, […]

Using Google Chrome? Here’s How to Reach Under The Hood & Customize Special Settings

Chrome is one of my favorite Google products. Google got a few core, basic principles right in its design, and instead of becoming bloated over time like most software, Chrome remained svelte, secure, and very, very fast. That doesn’t mean Chrome can’t be customized. There are countless add-ons in the Chrome Web Store, many of […]

Here’s Your Chance To Win A Custom iPhone Case From CafePress

AppAdvice has teamed up with CafePress in order to offer you a chance to win a $ 25 gift certificate for a custom iPhone case. There are lots of iPhone cases in existence, and some are certainly unique, such as the CM4 Q Card Case and G-Form X-Protect. However, what could be more personal and […]

Here’s An Eggcellent Way To Kickstart The Return Of Dizzy The Eggventurer

We have some eggciting news for fans of the Dizzy series of computer games from the late 1980s. If you’re a fan, then do read on. If not, well, read on nonetheless and you might end up turning into one soon enough. Philip and Andrew Oliver aka the Oliver Twins, the creators of Dizzy, have […]

Are You Selling Your Android? Here’s How to Wipe It Squeaky Clean

Not so long ago, James wrote an article about all the things you should do before you sell or give away your computer or tablet. The general principles were fantastic, but what if you’re planning on selling an Android device? What steps should you take to ensure that every trace of you has been wiped […]

Twitter To Business Owners: Here’s $1 Million In Free Advertising

Twitter will spend$ 1 million on November 24 in support of small business owners. The micro-blogging network announced on Tuesday that the massive donation would provide business owners with free ad credits,. Twitter will hand over the $ 1 million prize to 10,000 small business owners for a total of $ 100 in free advertising […]

Hurricane Sandy Knocked Out Internet Connectivity, Here’s The Sequence Of Failures [Video]

Hurricane Sandy not only knocked out power, displaced millions of people and left billions of dollars worth of damage in its wake, it also systematically caused internet connections all over the Eastern United States to go down. Intelligence firm Renesys examined the systematic take down of internet hubs and then displayed that information in the form of […]

Are Your USB Ports Too Close Together? Here’s How to Fix It!

If you’re like me, you probably make good use of USB on your PC, from connecting keyboards and printers to smartphones, USB flash memory, Bluetooth, 3G or Wi-Fi dongles, headsets, game controllers and more. USB is a versatile and easy-to-use connection format, but there is one thing that bugs many people (including me) about it: […]

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