Research reveals that 1 in 6 gamers disable all AV in the pursuit of the highest possible speeds

LONDON, OCTOBER 23rd, 2018 – New research carried out by Chillblast, an award-winning builder of custom PCs, gaming desktops and gaming laptops, has revealed that out of 857 gaming respondents, 39% choose to use a free AV product, 26% use a paid-for AV product, 19% rely purely on the security built into Windows and 16% […]

What is the highest version of Android a Motorola Droid can update to?

Question by Gage: What is the highest version of Android a Motorola Droid can update to? I am considering getting a Motorola Droid for Verizon but I want to use Instagram, but Instagram is only available to 2.2 and above users. What is the highest version of android that the motorola droid can update to, […]

ARGUS-IS: World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Camera

The post ARGUS-IS: World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Camera appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Apple Has Reported The Highest Corporate Earning In History

  Apple posted its Q4 earnings for 2012 which is the highest corporate earning in the human history. Apple has posted $ 13.1 billion earning this Q4 is the fourth highest of all times. Also Apple has reached the top spot by pushing down ExxonMobil which earlier had the first three places. Now the top […]

iOS Paid Apps Lose Favor, Fall Out Of Top 10 Highest Grossing Products List

The landscape of mobile applications is rapidly evolving and Apple’s iOS apps have witnessed a big shift. In the last week paid iOS apps for iPad devices have fallen completely off the top 10 highest grossing apps chart. iPad apps with the highest gross amounts now belong to iOS apps that focus on clever in-app […]

SQS identifies the highest profile software failures of 2012

SQS Software Quality Systems, the world’s leading specialist in software quality, has compiled a list of the worst software failures over the past 12 months. Stephen Fice, CEO of SQS in UK, Ireland, India & South Africa, comments: “This is the third year we’ve asked SQS consultants to vote on their top ten software bugs […]

UK Data Centre pricing remains one of the highest in Europe, but the increase in new raised floor space outside the London area will constrain the growth in future pricing

London – 16th October 2012 – A new report published by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) Data Centre Pricing UK – 2012 shows that the UK Data Centre market is the largest in Europe with almost 470,000 square metres of raised floor space – which is forecast to increase by 35% to 767,000 square metres of […]

iPhone 5 rumors trigger highest Apple stock price ever

It appears that more than just the tip-addicted iOS fans out there are getting their fair share of iPhone 5 madness as Apple stock this week hits an all-time high. This is a big change compared to the week surrounding Apple’s recent quarterly earnings call where their slightly less-than-projected device sales numbers had investors “disappointed.” […]

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