Illegal web trade of personal information soars to record highs

London, UK, 24 October 2014 – The illegal online trade in personal information has soared to record highs with more than 110 million pieces of data bought and sold by criminals so far in 2014, a new analysis from global information services company Experian reveals. According to the figures from Experian CreditExpert’s web monitoring tool […]

Unlocking Your Smartphone Is Now Illegal

Unlocking your smartphone is now illegal under new terms of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Customers must now ask their mobile carrier for permission to unlock their smartphones. In 2010, the Electronic Frontier Foundation fought for an exemption to the DMCA, and it granted three exemptions including smartphone unlocking and jailbreaking. However, in October 2012, the […]

US Government Responds To Antigua’s Attempt To Create Illegal Warez Website

As earlier reported, the Antigua government has announced plans to create a warez website that will distributed American software with no royalty payments to American software developers. Now US spokesperson Nkenge Harmon has responded to the Antigua governments announcement. According to Harmon, an illegally created warez website would  ”authorize the theft of intellectual property” and will […]

Unlocking Your Smartphone Will Be Illegal Starting Next Week

Starting next week it will be illegal to unlock your smartphone without permission from the carrier from whom you purchased the device. In October 2012 the Library of Congress determined that unlocking a smartphone without carrier permission violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and was therefore illegal. Following its decision the Library of Congress issued […]

Stop Calling Illegal Downloading “Piracy”

source: rockpapercynic The post Stop Calling Illegal Downloading “Piracy” appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Sharing Music Before It Was Illegal

The post Sharing Music Before It Was Illegal appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

National do-not-call list hits 217 million phone numbers, FTC wants to stop illegal robocalls

National do-not-call list hits 217 million phone numbers, FTC wants to stop illegal robocalls The Federal Trade Commission says more than 217 million phone numbers are now on the national Do Not Call Registry. Today, the agency is hosting a public summit to address the issue of illegal prerecorded telemarketing calls, or “robocalls,” which they […]

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