Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin Review – Excellent gameplay, disturbing imagery

This is definitely not for the faint hard. A pretty disgusting concept, Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin revolves around the tentacled creation of a dolphin scientist who made a mistake in his quest to create what was supposed to be the cutest creature in the world. Somehow, he ended up creating a tentacled abomination which again […]

Google Maps and Earth get new high resolution imagery

Google has added new high-resolution imagery to various places on Google Maps and Earth, giving users sharper, more detailed views of select locations. As of now, 164 cities and 108 countries/regions have improved images, including Washington and Austria. This is part of Google’s regular updates that it pushes out, and includes aerial, satellite, and 45-degree […]

Google Earth 7 gets tour guide and 3D imagery features

Earlier this year, Google released tour guide and 3D imagery for Google Earth mobile. The features allow users to view cities in 3D, and to go on guided tours of over 11,000 faraway places from the comfort of their handheld. As of today, those features are now available on the Google Earth 7 desktop application. […]

Google Maps And Google Earth Roll Out High-Resolution Maps, 45º Aerial Imagery

Google on Friday announced the release of high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery maps for Google Maps and Google Earth. Announced via a Google Lat Long blog post the company says it has added more aerial and satellite imagery alongside 45º imagery for 51 cities in the United States and around the world. Here is the official list of […]

Delorme PN-40: Viewing maps and Imagery

Visit www.takeahikegps.com to learn more about Delorme PN-40 and PN-60 GPS units. Be sure to check out the best handheld GPS buyers guide on the internet at www.takeahikegps.com How to view different types of maps and imagery on the Delorme PN-40 and PN-60 handheld GPS units Video Rating: 5 / 5

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