What’s on our iPads? – Appstorm’s Favorites

Well, 2012 has come and gone, and we at AppStorm have seen and used many great apps on iOS. Though we surely couldn’t ever go through each and every quality app recently released, we’ve put together a list of a few of our most treasured titles that have earned a permanent spot on our iPads. […]

Smithsonian National Zoo orangutans score iPads in Apps to Apes program

Life in a zoo has its perks, but a multitude of ways to keep entertained probably isn’t one of them. To ensure that its apes have enough “variety and enrichment” in their lives as possible, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo turned to Orangutan Outreach and Apps for Apes, bringing iPads to the primates. You can check […]

Apple iPads And Free Engraving Promoted For Valentine’s Day

Apple is offering free shipping, free engraving and discounted iPad accessories as part of the company’s push to reel in the Valentine’s Day shopping crowd. On Tuesday Apple launched a special Valentine’s Day promotion on its website. The promotion focuses on iPad and iPad mini gift ideas alongside a wide assortment of accessory categories for […]

EdWeb.net Webinar: How to Use the iPad’s Unique Capabilities to Cultivate & Capture Learning in Your Classroom

How to Use the iPad’s Unique Capabilities to Cultivate & Capture Learning in Your Classroom

Multi Measures HD is Your iPad’s Swiss Army Knife

Every time I look at my car’s dashboard, I am reminded that there’s a metric system and not everyone uses miles to measure the distance between here and the local outlets. For that reason, a unit converter comes in handy. Utilities that tell you how loud things in your car are can also be useful […]

Kickstarted: Podi-m Dock For Lightning iPhones, iPads – The Perfect Christmas Gift?

A new Kickstarter project called “Podi-m” can provide a sleek, minimalistic dock for iDevices sporting a Lightning connector. For a pledge of just $ 59, folks can secure a Podi-m for themselves. And what’s more, these “early bird” buyers will have their dock delivered in time for Christmas! Already, a selection of Lightning-compatible iPhone docks […]

Apple averaged 11 iPads sold per hour on Black Friday

Apple’s Black Friday sale certainly didn’t disappoint. The company ended up selling a lot of iPads, and while the company didn’t release any specifics on sales numbers, a survey conducted by research firm Piper Jaffray concluded that Apple sold around 11 iPads per hour at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, while Microsoft didn’t […]

On Black Friday, Customers Bought iPads Not Surfaces

At one of the most popular malls in the U.S., Apple bested Microsoft on Black Friday in terms of foot traffic and sales per hour. In fact, at Minneapolis’ Mall of America, Apple saw traffic increase 31 percent year over year, according to AppleInsider. In an annual survey of Black Friday trends, Gene Munster and […]

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