Lack of skills and visibility seen as biggest challenges to managing OT security risks ­- NTT Security poll

Confusion about which business function is responsible for securing OT A lack of skills is considered to be one of the biggest challenges facing organisations managing Operational Technology (OT) risks today, according to a new online poll conducted by NTT Security, the specialised security company and centre of excellence in security for NTT Group. The […]

74% of parents hate when shop staff lack product knowledge

LONDON,23rd August 2018: Parents want to be helped when they go in-store, with assistance from shop staff and self-help tech. Brand new consumer research report specifically about parents’ shopping habits reveals that mums, dads and guardians of young children want knowledgeable shop staff, efficiency, convenience, and good facilities when shopping, whether in a city centre, […]

Lack of Full Scale Security System Paved Way for Burglary, says AlertSystems

The reaction comes following a report in the Oxford Times detailing an incident at a local industrial estate where criminals were able to steal huge quantities of metal due to an inadequate security system that had been implemented on site. Thames Valley Police had reported that at some point between Saturday May 2nd and Tuesday […]

Yahoo CEO Mayer: Lack of hardware, software allows for “strong partnerships”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took the reigns of the company back in July, and it’s been a busy time for her and the company so far. Mayer has made quite a bit of changes, including hiring a new head for Yahoo’s Flickr division, as well as giving all employees a new company smartphone. The CEO […]

Lack of Facebook “hide from search results” no reason to panic

This week we’re hearing a lot of talk about how the upcoming Graph Search inside Facebook will be un-privatizing us once again – let’s talk about why that’s not true. In a report in Ars Technica they note how once Graph Search is turned on for the masses, information you’d previously had hidden from search […]

Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought (Onion Talks)

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Apple ditched Google Maps due to lack of turn-by-turn navigation

This whole Apple Maps and Google Maps fiasco has gotten pretty crazy. After iOS users found out that the new Apple Maps pretty much sucked, they were left wondering why Apple ditched Google Maps in the first place. Many believed it had to with the crumbling relationship between the two companies, but it turns out […]

Lack Of Internet…FTW

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