BullGuard Launches 2021 Premium Protection, Internet Security and Antivirus with Dynamic Machine Learning and Multi-Layered Protection

Streamlined for even faster performance, BullGuard 2021 leverages Dynamic Machine Learning to give consumers multi-layered cybersecurity protection 24/7, online and offline LONDON – September 30, 2020 – Award-winning consumer and small office cybersecurity company, BullGuard, today announced its new 2021 suite of antimalware solutions featuring Dynamic Machine Learning capabilities and Multi-Layered Protection. The BullGuard 2021 […]

Smart Kids Learning Game – Saumin Bhavsar

Smart Kids Learning Game Saumin Bhavsar Genre: Games Price: $ 8.99 Release Date: September 22, 2019 © © KfGames

Brexit sees award-winning online school MyAntiqueSchool attracting more interest in learning & investment in art & antiques

The cognoscenti of the antiques and collectors’ world are uniting to enable enthusiasts to ‘learn with the experts’ online – wherever they are in the world MyAntiqueSchool, the world’s first online antiques school, is seeing an increased interest from their thriving online antiques community in learning about art and antiques following the economic climate caused […]

PLP Fun while learning my Arabic curriculum Grade 1امرح وتعلم بمنهجي العربي لأتقان مهارات ابتدائي – MrPickIT

PLP Fun while learning my Arabic curriculum Grade 1امرح وتعلم بمنهجي العربي لأتقان مهارات ابتدائي MrPickIT Genre: Education Price: $ 49.99 Release Date: December 17, 2014 © © MR PICK IT

ABC Balloons Popper Learning Games – WU LI

ABC Balloons Popper Learning Games WU LI Genre: Games Price: $ 0.99 Release Date: July 30, 2014 © © Balloons Popper

New partnership between UK exam board OCR and adaptive learning platform CogBooks to personalise first school Computing MOOC

Exam board OCR and adaptive learning experts CogBooks confirmed today they are working together to add personalised adaptive learning to the pioneering Cambridge GCSE Computing MOOC. The partnership brings free of charge to UK secondary schools an exciting learning technology that is making headlines in US Higher Education. Since its launch in 2013, over 100,000 […]

Research shows playing first-person shooters improves learning abilities, cognitive function

A growing body of research indicates that playing first-person action games, particularly shooters, improves brain function such as cognitive abilities and learning skills — changes that have real-life applications, reports Scientific American Mind. Brain skills improved by playing first-person shooters include more than hand-eye coordination, a long-held assumption: Studies cited by Scientific American Mind found […]

Cerego – A Powerful Learning Service That Tries To Make You Smarter [500 Reader Invites]

Learning is a subject often fraught with frustration, angst, and pressure. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. The traditional school system, conceived long before the advent of computers and modern learning methodologies, isn’t really the best way to learn. There are many tools and methods that improve on what’s available in most […]

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