“Autumn leaves are coming down”… but are your business costs?

Auditel [http://www.auditel.co.uk] is the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of strategic cost management. It is designed to boost efficiency, reduce waste and deliver sustainable profit improvement. For the last two decades, our team of 200 highly-skilled professionals has built a reputation as trusted advisors to over 3,000 medium and large organisations. Chris Allison, Auditel’s Managing […]

No CCTV Leaves Santa’s Grotto Bare, says AlertSystems

The reaction follows a report in the South Wales Guardian detailing the theft of presents from Santa’s Grotto in a shopping centre, leaving no gifts left to distribute to local children. According to the article, Shopper’s World in Ammanford, South Wales was targeted by thieves who stole a large stack of chocolate boxes that were […]

MySpace Leaves Beta, Re-Launches For Everyone

Social networking website MySpace has relaunched with a new look and a focus on music discovery. In July 2012 the social network, with the help of investor Justin Timberlake, began a closed beta test of its new system. On Tuesday the social network officially rolled back the curtain on its new sleek interface. While some […]

Activision UK managing director Peter Hepworth leaves company

Peter Hepworth, managing director for Activision’s operations in the UK and Ireland, has left the publisher in order to pursue new opportunities, according to a statement obtained by MCV. Hepworth started at Activision in 2005 before taking over the managing director position from Andrew Brown, who transitioned to the role of vice president of sales […]

John Kerry Staffer Leaves To Work At Facebook

One of John Kerry’s staffers is jumping ship — but not to switch parties like Charlie Crist. The John Kerry staffer, who has served the prominent Democrat in a communications capacity, is making a career leap from politics to social networking — leaving the politician’s flak to hook up with Facebook. Jodi Seth is Senator John […]

Nokia boss of camera division leaves company

The head of Nokia’s camera and imaging department, Damian Dinning, has left the company after nine years with Nokia. Dinning is considered the driving force behind the company’s smartphone camera technology, and oversaw development of the Nokia N8, the 808 PureView, and the Lumia 920. Dinning brought his expertise to Nokia after being in key […]

SpaceX Dragon capsule leaves ISS, returning to Earth today

Today is a pretty big day for the folks at SpaceX and NASA, as the Dragon capsule has detached from the International Space Station and will soon begin plummet toward the surface of Earth. Engineers on the ground remotely controlled the station’s robotic arm as it removed the Dragon capsule from the ISS earlier today, […]

Chief system architect leaves Samsung for Apple

Samsung and Apple have a strange sort of symbiotic relationship. On one hand, Apple uses Samsung for a large number of the components it needs for its devices, and Samsung receives considerable business from Apple. Despite this, the two companies have also been caught up in a series of patent wars, with lawsuits being slung […]

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