Everest’s new SmartLock takes home security to a higher level

Everest Home Improvements has taken home security to a higher level again with the launch of the Everest SmartLock from Yale. The keyless SmartLock offers four different options for unlocking the door – a mobile app, phone tag, keycard or keytag – and up to 50 tags and cards can be paired with each SmartLock. […]

Flying cars, big data and classroom revolutions – Innovisions 2014 takes innovation to the next level

How do you take an idea from concept to product launch? How do you ensure that your organisation remains agile and creative? How do you prepare regions for the rapid technological change? These questions will be explored at Innovisions 2014, where trailblazers from industry, education and government will discuss how organisations can use smart innovation […]

Primarius to Offer New Level 3 Diploma Course in Close Protection Security

The security training firm Primarius Ltd is offering people in the North West the chance to gain a qualification in close protection security. The seven-days-a-week class will run in Birkenhead for 19 days, starting on Monday 15 September 2014 and finishing on Saturday 4 October 2014. The course will be run out of Primarius’ new […]

Which is the best entry level GPS with voice prompts & street name navigation?

Question by qr: Which is the best entry level GPS with voice prompts & street name navigation? I liked the TOMTOM 920T’s features, but the unit is very expensive. Which other unit offers comparable features but is cheaper, and what is the cost of updating the maps on such devices? I am looking at a […]

What level of dB should I set my speakers?

Question by Brent: What level of dB should I set my speakers? I got my left,right,and subwoofer at 10dB,cause I like it loud,should I keep it there? My speakers max is 12.I have Onkyo HTX-22HDX.I wanted the sound to be clear.It sounds the same to me… I already got the settings right,just want to know […]

Icycle 2 takes nude bicycling and fish-kissing to a whole new level

The folks at Chillingo were showing off Icycle 2 at GDC 2013, and it broke my brain just a little. The game mechanics themselves are very simple; the controls are ultimately the most basic ones you could have for a platformer game. The real trip is in the art style and storyline. Players control the […]

Take Your iPhone Photos To The Next Level With Adobe Photoshop Express [iPhone]

Adobe is already known for its amazing artistic applications like After Effects, Flash, and Photoshop. However, it has always typically established its home in the desktop realm. The company’s software was typically meant for professionals, and since most professionals do not use their iPhone to create work for clients, there was not much of a […]

Watch & Learn At Any Age & Level With YouTube’s Educational Section [Stuff to Watch]

Regardless of your age and level of education, YouTube’s educational section has something to stimulate your grey matter. Bringing together some of the best channels, greatest teachers and most interesting videos on the service under one heading, YouTube Education has broad appeal to those interested in casual learning, long-term courses and the belief that you’re […]

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