Cellphone Price List Philippines 2013

Note: Item prices posted are strictly CASH. Prices shown are the average price sourced from physical outlet stores (not online merchants). Prices may subject to change by respective retailers without prior notice.   SAMSUNG MOBILE Price List Price in Philippine Pesos (PhP) N8000 Note 10.1  24,490  N7100 Note 2  30,500  Galaxy S3 i9300  25,500  Note […]

Alkalizing or acidifying? Food list for the detox / acid alkaline diet with pH rating – BEBE ETC Games and activities for your baby

Alkalizing or acidifying? Food list for the detox / acid alkaline diet with pH rating BEBE ETC Games and activities for your baby Genre: Food & Drink Price: $ 2.99 Release Date: January 27, 2013 © © RECIPES ETC BY BEBE ETC

Organize Your Next Trip With Stow-The Modern Packing List

Keep your future travel packing lists neatly organize in one place with this handy packing app. Organize Your Next Trip With Stow-The Modern Packing List is a story by AppAdvice.com AppAdvice – iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

iOS Paid Apps Lose Favor, Fall Out Of Top 10 Highest Grossing Products List

The landscape of mobile applications is rapidly evolving and Apple’s iOS apps have witnessed a big shift. In the last week paid iOS apps for iPad devices have fallen completely off the top 10 highest grossing apps chart. iPad apps with the highest gross amounts now belong to iOS apps that focus on clever in-app […]

Our To Do List – A Simple Task Manager For Multiple Users [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

One thing there is no shortage of on iOS is to do list applications. If you own an iPhone, it seems like it would be almost impossible to get off track, what with a thousand applications out there that will tell you to do the tasks you need to accomplish. Some of the apps are […]

What task list manager can I use on my Samsung Galaxy S3 that sorts by category?

I sync via Microsoft Exchange Server and the default task list manager which is integrated into the Samsung calendar does not allow me to see and filter by categories. I follow David Allen’s GTD system and I need to be able to sort my contact list by category. I use Outlook 2010 to manage tasks. […]

Why are links I drag to the Chrome Bookmark Bar not added where I drop them but at the end of the list?

How come when I drag http addresses to my Chrome Bookmark Bar, they are not inserted between the 2 tabs I drop them? For some reason, they’re being pushed to the dropdown area, where I can’t see them, rather than inserted between the 2 visible bookmark tabs between which I am dropping the new URL. […]

Shopping Pro (Grocery List)

Shopping Pro, a digital grocery & shopping list that is always by your side. It’s built-in iCloud auto-sync allows the entire family to share, modify and shop with a common, living list whenever and wherever they are. Shopping Pro is built on the feature-mature 4-year foundation of Packing Pro, the #1-ranking travel app featured in […]

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