Foehn’s listing on ‘Network Services 2’ gives public sector access to complete cloud communications solutions

The Crown Commercial Services has confirmed that Foehn has been listed as an accredited supplier on the Network Services 2 (RM3808) procurement framework that authorises supply of telecommunications and network services to the whole of the UK Public Sector, associated bodies and agencies. Foehn is listed in two categories, ‘IP Telephony Services’ and Contact Centre […]

Office 365 retail packaging makes an appearance in Future Shop listing

Many consumers have been waiting patiently to hear more about Office 365‘s release date, but so far Microsoft has remained quiet on the matter. Who needs Microsoft, though, when retailers seem to be able to let slip release details with stunning frequency? As spotted by Neowin.net, listings for Office 365 have appeared on Canadian retailer […]

‘Tomb Raider’ To Include Multiplayer, GAME Listing Suggests

The core Tomb Raider series never came across as one that would lend itself particularly well to multiplayer of any sort apart from co-op, but Crystal Dynamics may have found a way for the Tomb Raider reboot. All Games Beta spotted a listing on UK retailer GAME’s website, and the listing made mention of some […]

iPad Mini pricing appears in German retailer’s internal listing

Well this is interesting: we don’t even know if the iPad Mini officially exists yet, but pricing for a whole range of iPad Mini variants has popped up in Media Markt’s (a German retail chain) internal system. First spotted by schimanke.com (via Mobile Geeks), this list gives us some insight into the pricing structure Apple […]

Valve Job Listing Hints At Hardware Development

Earlier on in the year, there was talk that Valve was considering getting into the console business with a sort of “Steam Box”. Unfortunately, that turned out to be false–but going by a new job listing, it looks like Valve is up to something. In the listing, Valve flat-out says that it’s looking into hardware […]

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