AT&T posts $3.9 billion net loss for Q4 2012

AT&T is joining the slew of other companies posting quarterly results this week, with the company releasing its Q4 2012 financials today. The company experienced another loss in Q4 2012, but the good news is that AT&T’s loss is growing smaller year-over-year. For Q4 2012, the company posted a net loss of $ 3.9 billion, […]

AMD ends Q4 2012 with net loss of $473 million

AMD has delivered its financial results for Q4 2012, and things aren’t looking too hot for the company as we head into 2013. While AMD reported revenues of $ 1.16 billion for the fourth quarter, that figure is down 9% sequentially and a significant 32% year-over-year. Not making things any better, AMD reported a net […]

Verizon blames Sandy and pensions for doubled Q4 2012 loss

Verizon has blamed Hurricane Sandy and the impact of pension pay-outs for recording a loss in Q4 2012, despite setting new records for subscriber additions as well as increasing retail service records by more than 8-percent versus 2011. Revenue for the quarter exceeded $ 30bn, Verizon announced, up 5.7-percent from Q4 2011, with 2.1m postpaid […]

What are the most effective platforms and respective forms of protection for selling a program while minimizing loss of revenue to file-sharing?

If a person – has an idea for a software, and – is concerned about minimizing loss of revenue due to file sharing, – and also has the option of choosing any of several platforms for development and distribution (Windows, iPad/iPhone, Web-based internet app, etc.)… then which combination of development tool / platform / protection […]

Apple in 28nm A6X trial run with TSMC as Samsung faces chip contract loss

Apple’s attempts to extricate itself from reliance on Samsung components continue, with titters from Taiwan that TSMC will begin trial production of the Apple A6X chip (found in the latest iPad with Retina) ahead of a bid for the next-gen A7 contract. The test will kick off in Q1 2013, The China Times reports, with TSMC producing […]

RIM Q3 2013 Earnings show customer loss and profit gain

Whatever works, they always say, and thus it is with RIM’s newest earnings call in which they’ve got a profit showing in their 2013 fiscal third quarter, but appear to have indirectly payed for it with a loss of subscribers. One of the big reasons the company that’ll soon be delivering BlackBerry 10 showed a […]

SpaceX Dragon engine loss had consequences for Orbcomm OG2 satellite

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is currently on the way to the International Space Station, but today we found out that the launch didn’t exactly go as smoothly as planned. A little over one minute into the launch, the Falcon 9 rocket lost one of its engines. We were told that this little issue won’t affect […]

Do You Use Technology For Exercise & Weight Loss? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week, following the much anticipated Apple event, we asked you what was your favorite release from that event. All in all, not many people voted, and out of those who did, a significant amount said they don’t care. Does this mean MakeUseOf readers don’t really care for Apple? Out of 172 votes in total, […]

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