Editor of Digital Camera Magazine, Geoff Harris, is the latest in a string of high profile journalists, authors & photographers to join Premium Digital Photography School, MyPhotoSchool London, UK, April 3rd 2014 Editor Geoff Harris, former Editor of best-selling photography title Digital Camera Magazine, has joined MyPhotoSchool today as their Chief Blogger and Commercial Lead. […]

How can I submit articles to websites and magazines for publishing?

Hi – I’m thinking of doing some writing, and I’d like to do it for people that are interested enough in my writing and what I have to say to pay me for it. I think I could probably write some good MUO articles, and some good articles about using selected music software products. How […]

Apple now offering early access to Hearst magazines via Newsstand

Apple is now offering early access to Hearst Magazines via its Newsstand for iOS. With the new feature, buyers will be able to check out any Hearst magazine before both the digital and print versions are available. In case you’re not familiar, Hearst boasts such titles as Seventeen, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and Esquire. Hearst’s deal […]

Browse & Read Hundreds Of Magazines On Your iPad With Readr AnyTime Plan

PixelMags and its new magazine subscription program and app, Readr, are doing for magazines what streaming music sites like Rdio and Spotify are doing for music. Readr provides users 20 minutes a month of free “AnyTime” magazine browsing, and for $ 9.99 per month you get unlimited reading of hundreds of popular magazines. The catch, […]

Find Great Free Magazines for Your iPad

Digital editions emerged at a time when the Internet had already made a sufficient dent in the print industry’s funds, but a little too late to stem the flow of free information from new entirely web-based sources. This very website is a prime example, providing daily tips, reviews and articles that print magazines used to […]

How To Read Magazines On Your Android Phone Or Tablet

One of my favourite pastimes is reading. When I was a boy I would often read the blurb on the side of the cereal box over breakfast (despite instructions not to read at the table), a habit that extended to road signs and even the small, tiny details on the back of toys and games […]

4 Apps To Read Magazines On Your iPad

I know, MakeUseOf provides you with more than enough quality reading material, but what if you’re after something other than fantastic technology tutorials and app reviews? I think we all have those moments of thinking “I wish I could get some design inspiration for my new living room”, or “how about some light reading material […]

App Update: Next Issue Readies for 30 More Magazines

App Update: Next Issue Readies for 30 More Magazines Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 24th, 2012 [ permalink ] iPad Only App – Designed for the iPad If you’re as big a fan of Next Issue as I am, you’ll thrill to know that there will soon be 30 more magazines to browse within […]

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