Where Did You Shop This Black Friday? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked you if your Facebook account ever got hacked. Whether it’s because you don’t use Facebook, never got hacked, or just don’t care, most of you couldn’t be persuaded to answer this poll, which left us with a small number of votes. Still, it’s surprising to see what percentage of Facebook account […]

What’s The Best Way To Share Photos? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked how you watch TV shows and movies most often. The results definitely show that times have changed, but also reflect how problematic geo-restrictions are when it comes to this kind of content. Out of 545 votes in total, less than 2% said they rent/buy single episodes or movies from an online […]

MakeUseOf Tests: What Is The Best Android Keyboard?

The Android keyboard market is a pretty exciting place right now. Where a few years ago typing on a touchscreen seemed like a cumbersome experience marred by repeated tapping and laughably horrible autocorrect, we now get to glide, swipe, and slide our way across emails and other text like never before. Typing on a smartphone […]

What Is Fair Use? A Basic Explanation For Aspiring Creatives [MakeUseOf Explains]

Half of the videos I find on YouTube always have some note in the description about how it’s totally legal for the creator to use songs from their favorite band as background music. Their reasoning tends to always be in the form of two words: fair use. Unfortunately, this is often because of complete ignorance. […]

How Do You Watch TV Shows & Movies? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked you which desktop browser is currently the best. After holding the first round roughly three years ago, we wondered if Firefox could still hold its own as it did back in 2010, and whether IE and Safari managed to gain some popularity. Curious? The results are in front of you. Out […]

What’s A Cookie & What Does It Have To Do With My Privacy? [MakeUseOf Explains]

Most people know that there are cookies scattered all over the Internet, ready and willing to be eaten up by whoever can find them first. Wait, what? That can’t be right. Yes, there are cookies on the Internet (technically, the World Wide Web), and yes, they really are called “cookies”.  But they aren’t delicious and […]

What Is The Windows Registry Editor & How Do I Use It? [MakeUseOf Explains]

The Windows registry can be scary at first glance. It’s a place where power users can change a wide variety of settings that aren’t exposed elsewhere. If you’re searching for how to change something in Windows, you’ll occasionally find articles telling you to edit the registry and change certain settings. These changes are often referred to […]

Where is my MakeUseOf profile that I registered for weeks ago and how can I earn points?

Weeks ago I registered with MakeUseOf and subscribed to the newsletter (which I do get). But when I come on the site and log in whether I use my Google, Windows, or Twitter account it doesn’t matter. I have commented, shared lots of articles from this site on Facebook, but I still have never seen […]

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