Leading London business club selects Meru 802.11ac Wi-Fi to support streaming voice and video for members

The Clubhouse chooses Meru for high-density capabilities and seamless connectivity Meru Networks, a leader in intelligent Wi-Fi networking, has announced that London’s The Clubhouse business club, lounge and meeting space for entrepreneurs, early stage businesses and global blue-chip organisations, has deployed Meru 802.11ac Wi-Fi to support a high-density environment where users regularly log onto Skype, […]

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus free for PlayStation Plus members Jan. 29

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for PlayStation Vita will become free to download for PlayStation Plus members when the Jan. 29 PlayStation Network update rolls out, according to the PlayStation Blog. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is a port of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, an enhanced version of Ninja Gaiden that released for PlayStation 3 in 2007. Sigma […]

SunZu targets 1,000,000 business members in 2013 ‘Addressing the missing link in social business networking’ Says founder Lyndon Wood

A new social business networking platform, SunZu.com is currently being created to meet the needs of modern business owners. The successful British businessman, Lyndon Wood, last month (December 2012) set up a new company in Dublin, called SunZu – The Art of Business Limited. The company founder – who is rapidly developing a new social […]

3,005 Members Found This Helpful

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Why do some Facebook groups not allow ‘messaging to members’ functionality to its admin?

Why do some Facebook groups not allow ‘messaging to members’ functionality to its admin? Does it depend on number of members? Same admin of two groups has messaging enabled in one and disabled in another group.

AAMS Members – Daily Computing Solutions, Inc.

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SEHTA and MassMEDIC join forces to extend benefits to members

Including reduced rate access to Boston Connected Health Symposium 2012 The South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) has struck a partnership with The Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC) that will enable members of both organisations to benefit mutually from each other’s services. SEHTA is one of the largest health technology networking organisations in the […]

Facebook fakes make up 83m members Zuckerberg reveals

More than 83m of Facebook‘s registered users are in fact fakes, the social network has calculated, almost 9-percent of the total membership of the site and taking some of the shine off the near-1bn milestone. Facebook made the estimate in its latest 10-Q filing, totaling up the number of duplicates and false users along with […]

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