How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes in forecasting in the contact center

According to Nick Brook at Teleopti, resource forecasting in contact centers needn’t be a complicated affair. Start by avoiding the most common mistakes and stick to the basics. Today’s contact centers are complicated beasts. The people working in them are expected to be super-agents with multiple skills and knowledge. While customers expect to receive consistent […]

Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Buying A New Computer

I built a new computer a few years ago. I’ve always considered myself above average in the tech field, but looking back, I have a few regrets with the system I built – some of my decisions could’ve been much better. Even if you’re thinking of buying a computer, not building one, you could be […]

Facebook Mistakes Elbows For Breasts In Bathtub Photo

Someone at Facebook must have failed anatomy. The social network took down a photo of a woman in a bathtub who appeared to be exposing her breasts. In reality, they were her elbows. The photo was uploaded by Web magazine, “Theories  of the Deep Understanding of Things,” to test how the social networks terms of […]

Blockbuster Bankruptcy / Circuit City’s Mistakes

Hearing that Blockbuster was declaring bankruptcy reminded me about my days with Circuit City during it’s liquidation. This video is pretty much a long awaited rant on the company I once worked for. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Three iPad mistakes the iPad mini needs to fix

Though Apple hasn’t confirmed (nor denied) the existence of the iPad mini, the flurry of excitement surrounding the release of such a device quite recently makes this a perfect time to discuss what features a small iPad could fix. It’s not as if the iPad (the 3rd generation, that is) has a whole lot wrong […]

5 Common Security Mistakes That Can Put Your Privacy & Money At Risk

How vulnerable are you? Ask any person who’s been robbed if it came as a surprise – I guarantee you it did. As the saying goes, the thief always comes in the night when you’re sleeping, when you’re least prepared. But even when you’re awake, you might be passively committing security mistakes, thus inviting hackers […]

Grammar mistakes, No problem

via: 9gag Grammar mistakes, No problem is a post from: MakeUseOf Geeky Fun

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