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Record The Moments That Matter In 1 Second Everyday

Record The Moments That Matter In 1 Second Everyday Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 14th, 2013 [ permalink ] iPhone App – Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad What a cool way to remind yourself to make every day count: 1 Second Everyday has you take a short video once per day, […]

No More Driveway Moments: NPR for iPad

How many times have you sat in the car with the engine turned off, so engrossed in an NPR radio story that you had to hear the end before going into your house? If you’re an NPR addict like me, you’ll kick yourself for waiting so long to get the NPR iPad app. I spend […]

Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi captures and uploads daredevil moments

Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi captures and uploads daredevil moments Sony bungee-jumped into the sports camcorder market recently with two Action Cam models, one with and one without Wi-Fi. I’ve been shooting with the Wi-Fi model (HDR-AS15, $ 270) for a while. In short, if I ever work up the courage to go helicopter skiing […]

Moments Of A Programmer’s Life

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Unstuck For The iPad Coaches You Through Difficult Moments

At one point or another in life, we’ve all been stuck. You may have had a clear goal, but not the momentum to carry you through. Feeling you were fighting an uphill battle, shouldering all the responsibilities for an important project, or maybe just doing busywork trying to outrun that important life-changing decision. Being stuck […]

ThisLife: Capture and Organize Life Moments in the Cloud

We all love to capture those special moments in our lives and keep them so that we can have them to look at later. The problem with this is that now days most people don’t print their pictures and put them in albums — at least I don’t. We tend to keep most of our […]

Samsung is moments away from a true iPad alternative

The next game-changer in tablets could come from Samsung, not Apple, as a perfect storm of processor, screen and platform coalesces to make the Korean firm an innovator not a copycat. Samsung has already demonstrated its abilities in processors – even Apple would have to agree with that, having co-developed the A4 chipset powering the original iPad […]

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