Gotobeat lets you go to all their live music gigs for a fixed monthly subscription

LONDON, August 13, 2019 – A subscription service for live gigs is not only possible but necessary, and this is what Gotobeat has been working on for the past four months. The London based music tech startup aims to disrupt the experience of going to independent live music gigs, making it easier, more affordable and […]

do you have to pay a monthly fee for windows 8 tablet?

Question by Skyler: do you have to pay a monthly fee for windows 8 tablet? Im looking into buying a windows 8 tablet, im not new to tablets i do have 2 ipads (1st and 4th generation) but i want to try something new other than apple. also is a windows 8 tablet exactly like […]

T-Mobile Plans To Give iPhone For Monthly Installments

    T-Mobile has not yet given details about it aggrement with Apple to sell iPhone. However its plan to exclude subsidy. Instead it provides its subscribers the iPhone for an easly monthly installment of $ 15 to $ 20 for a period of 20 months,as hinted by T-Moble USA CEO John Legre. Reuters said that […]

FarmVille 2 has 40 million monthly active users, amid other staggering numbers

Zynga launched FarmVille 2 in early September, and the company released an infographic today to illustrate a few important statistics for the massive social game, including its monthly active user count of 40 million. As of December 2012, FarmVille 2 was the top title on Facebook, with over 8 million daily users and 40 million […]

Did Amazon stop its $7.99 monthly Prime Membership offer?

A customer service rep told me today that that offer has been stopped. Is that true? Seems like it was just being made – or at least I just heard about it. The question Did Amazon stop its $ 7.99 monthly Prime Membership offer? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers. Searched Cool Gadgets:powered by phpBB consumer […]

International Customer Reference Program Community (ICRPC) to host monthly educational calls for B2B marketing

Founded in early 2011, the International Customer Reference Program Community (ICRPC, www.icrpc.com) has grown fast, attracting more than 200 Customer Reference Program managers and marketing practitioners from across the globe and in various industries. The organisation has now announced that it wants to change the format and host monthly educational calls to help grow the […]

Ultimate Indulgence Or The Perfect Gift? This Monthly Subscription To Chocolate Is Both

If you follow my posts on MakeUseOf, you probably figured out that I absolutely love chocolate. If I could eat chocolate all day every day, I would most definitely do so without ever looking back. As it stands, I have to make do with looking for the best chocolate wherever I go, and wasting my […]

Square Announces Flat Rate Monthly Fee With No Swipe Or Transaction Charges

Mobile payment system Square on Thursday rolled out a new program that elimates its 2.75 percent per transaction fee and instead allows merchants to play a flat fee of just $ 275 per month. The program is valid for company’s just starting out and those who do not surpass $ 250,000 in annual sales. Square […]

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