NASA teams up with ESA on Euclid mission

NASA has announced that it has teamed up with the ESA on the ESA’s Euclid mission. The mission involves the creation of a new space telescope designed to investigate the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy within the universe. The Euclid spacecraft is expected to launch in 2020 and its mission will span six […]

NASA to send inflatable pod to the International Space Station

NASA has penned a $ 17.8 million deal with Bigelow Aerospace that will bring a (relatively speaking) inexpensive inflatable pod to the International Space Station. The space pod is fabric-based, and could make its way into space by 2015. While its initial test run will be for observation and data, one day the pod could […]

NASA to hawk space shuttle facilities

Interested in buying a 15,000-foot runway? Or maybe a launch pad? It turns out that NASA is quietly planning to lease or sell off a few of its assets at the Kennedy Space Center. A list of items for sale apparently isn’t available yet, but it’s said that Launch Pad 39A, a runway, and the […]

Reminder: NASA crashing two probes into Moon tonight

Just a few days ago, NASA announced that it would begin the process of navigating two of its probes towards the Moon, but instead of landing them on the Moon, NASA’s going to full-on crash them into the surface of the small, grey sphere. Starting at 5 PM EST, NASA will be live-chatting about the […]

Why NASA wants the next Moon landing to crash (but not burn)

Tonight NASA will be pushing twin lunar-orbiting spacecraft down towards our moon in order to crash them out with one final mission after nearly a full Earth-year’s work. This final mission will have Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission probes “Ebb” and “Flow” rammed purposefully into an unnamed moon mountain using up the remaining […]

NASA says the world won’t end in December

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard the rumor that existence as we know it will come to an end in less than three weeks. So says those who ascribe to the “Mayans predicted the end of the world” theory, which states that a cataclysmic event will happen […]

NASA X1 Exoskeleton keep astronauts fit and could help disabled walk

NASA’s Robonaut 2 program has spawned an exoskeleton suit that could eventually help disabled people walk again as well as allow astronauts greater flexibility when roaming distant planets. Developed by NASA and the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), the X1 Robotic Exoskeleton weighs 57-pounds and has ten joints, four of which are motorized. However, while […]

NASA SpaceX CRS-1 mission gets go-ahead, takes off tonight

This morning it’s been confirmed that NASA has given the go-ahead to SpaceX as they launch their second such mission towards the International Space Station with a Dragon capsule. This mission is known as CRS-1 and will be a rendezvous mission with the ISS done in order to resupply the station with a mission-sized load […]

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