Where can I buy just dance 2 at normal stores in town?

Question by Becca: Where can I buy just dance 2 at normal stores in town? I want to get just dance 2 and im trying to find the best place to buy it as close as possible to my house… any suggestions of common stores. Best answer: Answer by Vanessatarget,walmart,gamestop(if you have a gamestop) cheapest […]

Why won’t msconfig return to normal startup?

In msconfig under the general tab, I am not able to change back to normal startup. If I select it and hit apply it goes back to selective startup. Do I have program causing this, and if so how do I trace it down? The question Why won’t msconfig return to normal startup? appeared first […]

Why can’t MUO articles be shared on Facebook like normal posts?

Earlier I could share MUO articles to my timeline, in a friend’s wall or to a group. But now I can only ‘like’ an article and it comes up as “…read an article..” on my Facebook timeline. It would be better if I could share some posts from Geeky Fun to a humor group that […]

Apple SVP: iPhone 5 scratches are “normal” for aluminum products

Apple‘s new iPhone 5 went through quite the transformation regarding the rear of the device. Gone is that glass panel that seemed to be breaking and shattering for many users, and this time around they’ve replaced it with an extremely durable aluminum panel. While drop and durability tests have seen impressive results, that aluminum is […]

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