Encoded partners with Cashflows to facilitate faster card payments and reduce the number of declined transactions for merchants

Encoded, a leading Payment Service Provider and pioneer of innovative secure payment solutions for contact centres, has announced a new partnership with Cambridge-based Omni-Channel Payments Provider, Cashflows. The partnership will leverage the knowledge and technology of both companies to enable safer card payments and help reduce the number of declined transactions for merchants. The proven […]

RedBrain launches with bid to use AI to become world’s number one shopping discovery site

A new online sales generation specialist RedBrain launched today, combining paid search with artificial intelligence to offer retailers incremental online sales more efficiently than self-managed lead generation methods like Google AdWords. Using knowledge built up over the last eight years running shopping comparison sites, combined with AI, the RedBrain team aims to deliver sales traffic […]

Children as Young as 4 Getting a Mobile Phone this Christmas: Parents Cite Peer Pressure as the Number 1 Reason for Buying.

• Children as young as 4 years old will be receiving a mobile phone this Christmas. • Peer pressure is parent’s number 1 reason for buying. • 72% of parents opting for a contract instead of pay as you go. Prospective parents might want to look away now. A new survey has found that children […]

Most of the operators are having technology to track IMEI connecting the cell number?

Question by Bala ravi: Most of the operators are having technology to track IMEI connecting the cell number? I) Mobile Number ii) cell tower details iii) IMEI number of the handset they simply ignore the call If suppose am talking to Reliance customer care the call center executive wont disclose the details?any proper channel of […]

What is the step to changing an extension number on a NEC phone system?

Question by Redenvy: What is the step to changing an extension number on a NEC phone system? I want to know how to program a NEC phone to change its extension number. We do not have the manual and please do not tell me to download it is not downloadable via nec’s site. If you […]

how do i make my phone number unknown ?

Question by Mccain and i ♥ AMERICA: how do i make my phone number unknown ? my phyco aunt keeps calling us and pretending to be with the NIU police….. i want to call them at 3am, but i want to make my # unknown. Best answer: Answer by ice38034*67 will block your # from […]

Apple Reports Record Number Of iPhone And iPad Sales, Clears $54.5 Billion In Revenue

Apple has announced its financial results for the fourth calendar quarter of 2012 and the first fiscal quarter of 2013, which ended Dec. 29, 2012, and the results are impressive. The Cupertino-based company is reporting record revenue of $ 54.5 billion along with a net quarterly profit of $ 13.1 billion, or $ 13.81 per […]

White House changes the minimum number of required petition signatures to 100,000

The “We the People” page on the White House website allows the public to create petitions, which, according to the previous rules, required a minimum of 25,000 signatures within 30 days to receive an official response. In response to the growing use of the service, however, the Obama administration has increased the minimum signature amount […]

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