GCSE results reveal that girls perform better than boys in IT, but very few choose the subject

The latest GCSE results reveal that too few females are still choosing technology subjects, despite systematically getting better results than boys, according to global tech recruitment firm, Empiric. The latest data published by the Joint Council for Qualifications today highlighted that a minority of girls chose tech subjects, with just 1 in 5 GSCE computing […]

Apparatus: Build Amazing Machines To Perform Simple Tasks In This Brain Puzzler [Android]

If you have ever played with LEGO or a Meccano set and have loved the brain-stimulating challenge, then Apparatus for Android is right up your alley. Apparatus is a game of logic and creativity. When you combine both these two, you can be sure that it’s also a game that’s a sure shot booster for […]

Extreme Skater: Perform Crazy Tricks In This Fun Game [Android & iOS]

From my own personal experience, skateboarding isn’t an easy activity. It requires an enormous amount of balance, something which only some of us are blessed with. Therefore, for those of you who find skateboarding rather simple, don’t take it for granted that you won’t have the board slip out from right under your feet. If […]

Why can’t I perform a software update on my Mac when I am connected to the Internet?

I am connected to the Internet and am able to use all features of any program on the Internet. However, when I try to do a software update my computer says it cannot connect because it is not connected to the Internet. When i open network diagnostics it says that my Wi-Fi is working, my […]

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