How can I export music playlists and podcast stuff from Ipod to a memory stick?

Question by ‘SUP ?: How can I export music playlists and podcast stuff from Ipod to a memory stick? I have Apple MacBook Pro. WHEN i try to export to Ipod, It states that all music etc. will be erased.. HELP ! Best answer: Answer by Karljust copy them manually. What do you think? Answer […]

The Portable Podcast, Episode 172

“Amiga forever!” shouted the man as he ripped off his shirt and ran nowhere in particular. On This Episode: We discuss Syder Arcade with Studio Evil, along with how the Amiga generation influenced the game, and why it had such a lasting impact on those who were part of its scene. Spokko discusses the work […]

The Portable Podcast, Episode 171

Running away from evil monkeys. On This Episode: Carter and Blake Grundman discuss some hot topics of January, starting with the surprise release of Temple Run 2. The topic shifts to the controversial NRA: Practice Range app, if its release is hypocritical in the wake of previous comments made by the organization about video games, […]

Podcast Box

Get the Podcast Box app and access to all your favorite libsyn shows in one convenient location. The Podcast Box lets you purchase apps of your favorite shows and keep them all in your My Shows tab. Whether you have one favorite podcast or many this app is for you. Episodes, contact features, and bonus […]

The Portable Podcast, Episode 170

Oddly familiar… On This Episode: The Blockheads creator David Frampton discusses how Minecraft inspired his title but how he tried to diverge from it, and the other titles that also influenced its development. Tom Greenaway of Kumobius discusses Time Surfer, how the game’s time reversal mechanic took hold, and why future updates could introduce new […]

Instacast: Podcast Subscriptions In Sync

Podcast are an incredibly beneficial way to either gain entertainment or information. News, cooking, sports, and technology are amongst some of the common areas which are popular for podcasters but there is most likely a category to suit most users. Instacast came on the market to help alleviate the troubles most users were experiencing when having […]

The Portable Podcast: Episode 169

You’re the best around, no one’s ever gonna keep you down! On This Episode: It’s a yearly tradition! Various members of the iOS media come together and discuss the best releases of 2012, covering some of their honorable mentions before they discuss each of their top 3 games of 2012. Episode Cast: Host: Carter Dotson […]

The Portable Podcast, Episode 168

Everyone wants a spouse with a good goblin voice. On This Episode: Carter chats with Josh Presseisen of Crescent Moon Games to talk about Ravensword: Shadowlands, the studio’s new open-world RPG. Topics include the long development time of the game, just how big the world is, and the game’s voice acting, including a much better […]

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