Kia and Hyundai prepare to spend $412 million in exaggerated fuel-economy debacle

Both Kia and Hyundai were recently slapped for embellishing their respective fuel economies, something that was blamed on procedural errors. Both companies promised to pay owners for the extra fuel consumption, however, a move that will amount to quite a hefty sum. The companies have made good on that claim, setting aside a combined $ […]

Prepare to be underwhelmed by first-gen WiFi 802.11ac warn experts

Early experiences with WiFi 802.11ac will likely prove disappointing for those expecting a significant boost over existing 11n wireless, industry experts warn, with the soon-to-be-ratified standard taking a further generation before it lights up properly. “The new standard will be evolutionary, with two waves involved” Cisco’s Chris Spain tells Network Computing. ”Out of the gate, the […]

Will You Use Your Android to Prepare for the Holidays?

Will You Use Your Android to Prepare for the Holidays? We know this time of the year can get a bit stressful with trips, family gatherings, gifts, many to-dos before the year ends, kids to cheer up and meals to cook, and so on. That’s why, during this week, we used our love of Android […]

Paddle Up And Prepare To Conquer Pong World, The First Official Pong Title For iOS

Are you ready to paddle up and play the next generation of Pong? Then prepare to enter Pong World. Back in February, Atari, the company behind Pong, launched the Pong Indie Developer Challenge. An open call for independent developers to pitch their re-imaginings of the classic arcade video game, the Pong Indie Developer Challenge concluded […]

CTEK urges drivers to prepare an emergency car kit in case snow or breakdown stops travel

Every year, severe winter weather stops people from travelling, but when this happens en route it can be a frightening experience for the driver and passengers who may not know how long they will be stranded. CTEK, a leading brand of smart battery charging and testing products, is therefore urging car owners to prepare an […]

Prepare For The Worst: Disaster Recovery Tips You Need To Use Now

No! This is not happening to you right now! It’s 1:30 AM, you’re almost finished with your huge project due at 8 AM and your computer just crashed and won’t turn on! Worse yet, you haven’t saved for a whole two hours because you were so far in the “just get it done” zone that […]

Wii U Launch: Prepare Yourself For Lengthy Firmware Update

Nintendo fanatics who picked up a Wii U console today should prepare themselves for a large and lengthy firmware update, according to the Examiner. The update that awaits prospective gamers when they connect their Wii U to the internet is quite large. At a whopping five gigabytes, the update could take a while depending on […]

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