Cooksongold And B.M.C. Srl Strike A Deal To Drive 3D Printing With Precious Metals

B.M.C. srl, whose expertise are appreciated by some of the world’s most reputable Jewellery Houses in the luxury sector, are set to lead the way in Italy’s 3D printed precious metal sector through a collaboration with the U.K’s largest jewellery maker supplier – Cooksongold and its 3D precious metal printing division (Part of the Heimerle […]

Here’s what the MakerBot can do with Nokia’s Lumia 820 3D printing files

Nokia only released its 3D printing files for the Lumia 820 casing yesterday, but it didn’t take long for the DIY community to get their hardware warmed up and spitting out custom shells. MakerBot unveiled their Replicator 2X 3D printer a few months back, and have wasted no time setting it to work producing husks […]

Top Tips & Tools To Help With Printing Webpages

No matter how hard you try to go paperless, sometimes you just need to print that webpage. It might be for directions, an article for class, a handout for a meeting at work, etc. As much as we’d like to go as digital as possible with our smartphones, laptops and tablets, occasionally we need to […]

The Secret To Profitable Printing With Your Inkjet In Three Easy Steps

Ironically, while printer ink costs more than champagne, cost-savvy consumers can actually make money using their inkjet. It just takes three simple steps—none of which lead to jail. Clearly, printer ink is expensive: It costs up to $ 800 a gallon, an unfortunate fact inkjet users feel deeply about because of the looming holiday season […]

What’s the best website for printing a book?

I found this site, www.bookemon.com, and I was curious if anyone had tried it. What we want to do is add stories, pictures and stuff like that, then print it out for him, and have it look professional. Does anyone have other suggestions for good sites or similar tools? The question What’s the best website […]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Could Use Help Keeping 3D Printing Free

Thanks to “creative” patents, The Electronic Frontier Foundation is planning for a future when 3D printing could no longer be free. According to TechCrunch, since the technology is rather new, patenting parts of the 3D printing process or renewing expiring patents could prevent improvement of the technology out of fear or patent infringement. The EFF wants […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The High Cost Of Printing

Back when I worked in a government department in 2000, I tried to persuade the boss to switch to a paperless office. I was appalled at the amount of paper and ink that was being wasted and, being the filing clerk, I was getting the worst end of the deal. But back then, the idea […]

How to Use Cloud Print for Cable-Free Printing

When you want to print a photo or other files that you have stored on your Android, how do you go about it? You could email a copy of the file to yourself and then print it out from your computer, but this seems like an unnecessarily lengthy process. You can connect your phone to […]

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