Vortex 6 launches new Value Incentive Program Module to ensure Cisco Partners never miss out on rebates

Maximise profitability in an ever-changing climate with V6 Fusion’s new VIP Module. Bracknell, UK – 05th September 2018 – Vortex 6, a provider of innovative SaaS solutions that automate multi-vendor partner program compliance and drive rebate optimisation for channel partners, today announced a new Cisco Value Incentive Program (VIP) Module for its flagship V6 Fusion […]

Program Dish Remote to Sony DVD Player?

Question by Kam0821: Program Dish Remote to Sony DVD Player? I have the Dish 40.0 Remote, and a Sony DVP-SR500H DVD player. I need the code so I could program my dish remote to work the dvd player. I’ve looked on the dish website, (& online) and couldn’t find anything. Any help would be greatly […]

What is the Direct TV RC32 Remote Control Program Code for TCL LCD TV?

Question by MarkeeMarcc: What is the Direct TV RC32 Remote Control Program Code for TCL LCD TV? Need help to program my new TCL tv to my direct tv remote (RC32). Any one know the program code? Best answer: Answer by 1americanI just purchased a Logitech Harmony 300 remote, they said it would work with […]

What method or program should I use to flash my Xbox360 BenQ drive?

Question by euge963: What method or program should I use to flash my Xbox360 BenQ drive? I have a BenQ drive in my Xbox360. I want to flash it using my xbox to power the drive. I am wondering if I should use a program in windows like JungleFlasher. Or should i use a DOS […]

Android Overload: Netflix shutting down public API program, Android mobile usage surpasses Apple, and more

Welcome to your weekend Android Overload, where we bring you all the stories that didn’t make it to our homepage! It has been an awesome week so let’s jump straight into today’s news. Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature floating touch and Green PHOLED material AMOLED display [SamMobile] Netflix closing down public API program [Netflix] Android […]

What’s a good visitor loyalty program for my blog?

Makeuseof has one of the best visitor loyalty program. I want to install one for my Meme Blog. Punchtab is good one, but it has some limitations in free version and paid subscription is expensive $ 99/mnth. So, guide me to create an loyalty program for a blog. Or let me know who can build […]

Smithsonian National Zoo orangutans score iPads in Apps to Apes program

Life in a zoo has its perks, but a multitude of ways to keep entertained probably isn’t one of them. To ensure that its apes have enough “variety and enrichment” in their lives as possible, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo turned to Orangutan Outreach and Apps for Apes, bringing iPads to the primates. You can check […]

What are the most effective platforms and respective forms of protection for selling a program while minimizing loss of revenue to file-sharing?

If a person – has an idea for a software, and – is concerned about minimizing loss of revenue due to file sharing, – and also has the option of choosing any of several platforms for development and distribution (Windows, iPad/iPhone, Web-based internet app, etc.)… then which combination of development tool / platform / protection […]

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