Research reveals that 1 in 6 gamers disable all AV in the pursuit of the highest possible speeds

LONDON, OCTOBER 23rd, 2018 – New research carried out by Chillblast, an award-winning builder of custom PCs, gaming desktops and gaming laptops, has revealed that out of 857 gaming respondents, 39% choose to use a free AV product, 26% use a paid-for AV product, 19% rely purely on the security built into Windows and 16% […]

How do i change my Pantech Pursuit phone password?

Question by : How do i change my Pantech Pursuit phone password? I have gone back to my old Pantech Pursuit and i don’t remember the original password i put on it. Is there anyway to just reboot it or anything like that or do I really need the old password in order to change […]

COPS: High Speed Pursuit

*UPDATED!!* Now with MORE PURSUITS! MORE CARS! And now – compete with your friends with an all-new WI-FI MULTIPLAYER feature! nn***** u201cThe bottom line is that COPS: High Speed Pursuit is just fun to play.u201d – Gamers With Casts nn***** u201cThis is a pretty cool gameu2026 Iu2019m kinda hooked.u201d – Crazy Mikeu2019s AppsnnThe ultimate in […]

Salesforce Ends Pursuit Of “Social Enterprise” Trademark Following Public Outcry

Salesforce has ended its attempt to trademark the term “Social Enterprise” and various other terms associated with social enterprise solutions. The company had filed its request in the US, UK, Australia and Jamaica. Company officials had hoped to have the term all to itself for future marketing materials geared towards the business sector. In a […]

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