SendTab: Push Browser Tabs Between Devices and Browsers

Apps that enable you to send contact information and files from one device to another have been available for years now, but when it comes to sharing websites, email is often the best bet. Yup: if you want to open the page you’re looking at on your computer in your phone’s browser, often the easiest […]

Facebook Share Value Gets Big Push After Final ‘Lockup’ Ends

Facebook investors finally had a reason to celebrate on Wednesday when the social networks shares increased in value by 13 percent. The increase came about after the company’s final “lockup” on shares expiry failed to lead investors to a massive sell off in shares. The lockup periods end added 800 million new shares of Facebook […]

Interview: Meet the Push Popcorn Team Behind the Upcoming Records App

It’s always exciting to come across new, upcoming apps that seem exceptionally promising. That’s exactly what Records for Mac is. It’s an upcoming database app for the Mac that aims to make databasing much more accessible to everyone, with a graphical app that lets you quickly add and sync data, and more. That’s quite a […]

Windows 8 Phone Ready To Push Gaming With Help Of Unity Engine

Windows 8 Phones will soon be unleashed to the general public and if developers have their way the mobile platform will feature an increasing number of mobile based games. Microsoft expects to see an influx of mobile game developers thanks to game engine Unity. The platform is already fully utilized for iOS and Android games and […]

Is there a free app for custom push notifications on your phone or tablet?

I stumbled upon something called Pushover, which is an app for instant notifications on your phone/tablet. Does anyone know if there are good, free alternatives to that? Thanks!

Nexus 7 returns to Google Play as 3rd parties push accessories

Google has once again fully replenished their supply of ASUS-made Nexus 7 tablets in both 8 and 16GB iterations, with delivery again cut back to 3-5 days on both models. Several times since the launch of this device in both iterations we’ve seen the Google Play store online move shipping times back to weeks instead […]

Microsoft Happy To Push Partners Out Of Market With $199 Surface Tablet

Acer, Asus, HP and various other long-time Microsoft partners have publicly asked Microsoft to step away from OEM tablet manufacturing,  something the company is not prepared to do. Yesterday I reported that the Windows RT based Surface tablet would sell for the ultra-low price of just $ 199, a price almost guaranteed to leave Microsoft’s […]

How To Get Push Notifications For Olympic Medals & More With Pushover

Two exciting new things have happened recently over at IFTTT, our favourite web automation service. Firstly, they partnered with Pushover in order to allow IFTTT users to push notifications to their smartphones. Secondly, they partnered with ESPN for the duration of the Olympics so that IFTTT users could get notifications of medals or big news […]

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