Credential Compromise and Typosquatting Identification, and new Topical Research Reports, Provide Security Teams with Relevant Analysis Critical to Security Decision Making SAN FRANCISCO AND LONDON, May 17, 2016 – Digital Shadows today announced new enhancements to its cyber situational awareness offering that empower clients to identify, verify, and assess compromised credentials, as well as detect […]

Google apps on iPhone and iPad quickly gaining steam

Google spent a lot of time in the last part of 2012 improving its iOS app offerings through updates, and today we’re hearing that those updates did quite a bit to boost market share. Though many of Google’s apps will of course always be popular regardless of the platform, the company’s iOS apps are looking […]

Using Sequence to Quickly Compile a Beautiful Time-Lapse

Pictures capture moments, videos capture time. The former is valuable, yes, but the latter is its parent. Sadly, it’s not realistic for the average person to capture a beautiful sunrise in video that’s as high resolution as a photograph. That’s because not everyone has a Red camera. (For good reason: they’re priced in the tens […]

Quickly Research How Your Favorite Online Services Make Money

Find out how your favorite sites on the web make money. “How Do They Make Money” is an interactive site that lets you quickly find your favorite tech companies, and you should check it out. Why? It’s not a bad question. Most web users seem not to care how their favorite sites make money – […]

Quickly Copy Symbols To The Clipboard With Symbol Caddy [Mac]

Quickly find and copy obscure symbols, then post them into any program. Symbol Caddy is among those long-forgotten class of Mac apps – the dashboard widget. Which is a shame, because it’s a widget that is sincerely useful. Imagine you’re writing about currencies, and need to compare the dollar ($ ) to the euro (€), […]

Quickly And Easily Stream Your Computer Content Onto An Apple TV With QuikIO

Less than a month after its release in the App Store, QuikIO has already added a new significant feature. QuikIO is the iPhone-optimized version of QuikIO HD for iPad, which was released in November last year. QuikIO allows you to easily access your files on your computer using only your iPhone, or your iPod touch […]

Quickly Caption Your Shenanigans With Piction

You’ll probably have a lot of photos that could use captions tonight, and this slick little app can help you get that done quickly and efficiently. Quickly Caption Your Shenanigans With Piction is a story by AppAdvice.com AppAdvice – iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

ShopSavvy: Scan Barcodes To Quickly Compare Prices [Android, iOS, & Windows Phone]

Quickly scan a bar code and compare prices – with stores nearby or stores on the web. ShopSavvy is an app that uses the camera on your phone or tablet to interpret bar codes, telling you about a product and showing you where to get it affordably. You can shop online at stores like Amazon […]

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