Continental first to receive Nevada automated driving testing license

Continental, an international automotive supplier, became the first supplier to receive an Autonomous Vehicle Testing License. With this license, Continental will be able to test its automated driving vehicles on the state’s public roads. The license was issued after Continental provided automatic driving demonstrations in Nevada. The car that Continental is testing is designed so […]

Can I pre-emptively block Facebook users before they receive my friend request?

This has happened repeatedly over the past few years. It happened today and it was someone I would never have given access to my Facebook. Of course by the time I logged on and found out he was a “friend”, he had plenty of time to peruse my timeline. I can only imagine that at […]

Can I receive a virus from a Google Docs spreadsheet?

I found a tip from techawakening.org about how to forward multiple gmail messages. It requires making a copy of their Google Spreadsheet onto my account. I wanna make sure that they don’t have some kind of spyware embedded in that file. Also their solution only works for your 50 most recent messages. Anyone has a better […]

Why can’t I receive emails from external domains on an internal domain?

I am running Zimbra 8.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 inside a virtual machine which runs on Windows 7 Professional. I have a domain “example.com” running on it using DNSMasq. I can’t receive email from either the internal domain, usera@example.com can’t receive userb@example.com’s email, or from external domains like GMail or Yahoo, usera@example.com doesn’t receive userb@gmail.com. But […]

United, Delta and OpenTable receive warning over inaccessible privacy policies

The state of California has warned OpenTable, United Continental, and Delta Air Lines over their inaccessible privacy policies for mobile users, according to a source familiar with the issue. Reportedly, the companies were notified via a letter from the California Attorney General that they have 30 days to make their privacy policies “readily accessible.” The […]

Who do I receive a “no root file system defined” error when trying to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu?

I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 using WUBI.exe from within Windows 7. All goes well but when it restarts and installation proceeds it gives and error “No root file system defined”. I have tried booting from live USB and Live CD but the same error occurs. Then i downloaded 11.10 version and booted into […]

New vest inflates when you receive Likes on Facebook

We’ve reported on some odd items in the past, but this has to be one of the oddest (and also one of the most intriguing). A group of scientists at MIT have developed a new vest that you can link to your Facebook account. Why would you want to link a vest, of all things, […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Customers To Receive Free ‘The Avengers’ Movie

The Samsung Galaxy S III is getting the Marvel Comics treatment. T-Mobile on Thursday announced that all new customers purchasing the Google Android based smartphone will receive a copy of The Avengers at no additional charge. The free movie download will arrive on September 25, the same day the movie will be made available on […]

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