Google Nexus 7 and 4 tipped for spring refresh in White and HD

This week the Google Nexus lineup has been tipped to see a slight overhaul for its second coming, with hardware upgrades coming to the Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus 4 smartphone in large and small doses. The Google Nexus 7 tablet has been on the market since July of last year as it was […]

Nexus 10 rumored for refresh with quad-core CPU, 8-core GPU

Google officially announced and showed off the Nexus 10 at last year’s Google I/O conference, and it certainly gave all other tablets a run for their money — the high-resolution display being just one big feature of the new device. However, rumors are pointing to a refresh of the new tablet, most notably an upgrade […]

Circa News’ First Major Update Delivers Design Refresh And Lots More

Declared in our original review as “an innovative new way to get the news of the day in an easy-to-digest format,” Circa News has just received an update containing a lot of enhancements. And I do mean a lot. As a matter of a fact, the latest update to Circa News is the app’s first […]

Vizio PC lineup 2013 refresh hands-on: it’s time for touch

Vizio‘s new Windows 8 Tablet PC was definitely one of the devices that caught our interest during CES 2013, but the company isn’t content with stopping at just tablets. In fact, Vizio seems to have become very enthusiastic about Windows 8, introducing new lines of touch-based notebooks and all-in-one PCs that are ready to take […]

iMac and Mac mini refresh pricing tipped to remain the same at Apple event

The Apple event on the 23rd of October – next week, that is – is quite likely going to be playing host to more than just the iPad mini: in fact details today suggest that refreshes of both the Mac mini and iMac will be appearing at the event as well. This tip comes from […]

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