7 Online Resources To Help Those Who Are Depressed & Suicidal

Even though I am the Managing Editor of MakeUseOf, I have a huge disability in my life which is clinical depression. It started back in 2002, as a depression related to stress in my job, and it exploded in 2003 resulting in a huge mental breakdown and full blown suicidal clinical depression.  It was a […]

What are the best online resources for objective and reliable statistics on weapons usage?

In the context of the 2nd amendment gun/high power assault weapons debate, what website would have the most objective reliable statistics? I enjoy having meaningful discussions with friends about meaningful issues, and often I don’t have the data I need to present what I consider are very relevant discussion points. In particular, I’m wondering what […]

Can you suggest some resources that will help me learn VB.net?

Can you please suggest some resources and materials from which I can learn VB.net? Thanks The question Can you suggest some resources that will help me learn VB.net? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

5 Typography Resources To Help With Your Designs

We all know that fonts are important, right? I mean, when there’s a website bashing Comic Sans exclusively, we know it’s obviously important enough for someone to care about font usage. However, what makes a good font? What goes into properly using a font? These are the questions that bother me when I’m trying to […]

For Your Next Great Movie Or Play: 16 Free Scriptwriting Tools & Resources

Writing is hard. Most of us know the feeling of having to pull an all-nighter to wrap up a thesis paper due in the morning – and those papers rarely broke 40 pages. I can’t imagine the pain, blood, and sweat that gets poured into writing a screenplay of 150 pages. That just doesn’t happen […]

3 Online Resources To Help Start Your Business [US]

It’s a common thing for people to sit down with their buddies and say, “Hey, I should create a [fill-in-the-blank] business!” That’s awesome, and it’s great that you’ve got an idea. Me? I’m not a business expert, but I’m actually in the same boat as a lot of the people who have those same thoughts. […]

Extract iOS App Resources Deftly with Crunch

On a fine summer day this year, I stood in front of my MacBook Air — yes, sitting had become tiresome — thinking of a way to make my process of reviewing apps better. Sure, there are lots of ways my workflow could be improved, but I had one element in particular that kept me […]

Can you recommend resources for OCR app development for Windows Phone ?

Are there any links or tutorials that you’re aware of that could be used as a guidance of developing an OCR app in C# for Windows Phone besides Project Hawaii? Thanks in advance.

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