CCTV Released following Petrol Station Robbery, AlertSystems Responds

Police in Derby have released CCTV images of a man they would like to talk to following a petrol station robbery. The incident occurred in March, when a man entered the Island Filling Station on Raynesway in Derby, before he made his way to the counter and threatened the shop assistant in an attempt to […]

Physio Students Help University Gain Endorsement, Physio-Jobs Responds

Students using their physiotherapy skills have helped their university achieve an endorsement for using simulation in a higher education institution. A Physio-Jobs spokesperson responds to the report. Physio students from the University of Salford have been accredited for their hard work by the North West Simulation Education Network. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level […]

Police Release CCTV of Meat Thief, AlertSystems Responds

CCTV footage of a man police want to speak to regarding the theft of meat from Waitrose has been released to the public. An AlertSystems spokesperson responds to the report. Police have appealed to the public for help in an attempt to identify a meat thief. CCTV footage of a suspected shoplifter has been released, […]

AlertSystems responds to news that business link-up could see CCTV return to Aberystwyth

Leading provider of business security systems, AlertSystems, has backed the prospective creation of a business scheme in Aberystwyth that could lead to the return of CCTV coverage in the town. Discussions have taken place regarding the formation of a Business Improvement District (BID) that would see businesses in a designated area operate a scheme designed […]

US Government Responds To Antigua’s Attempt To Create Illegal Warez Website

As earlier reported, the Antigua government has announced plans to create a warez website that will distributed American software with no royalty payments to American software developers. Now US spokesperson Nkenge Harmon has responded to the Antigua governments announcement. According to Harmon, an illegally created warez website would  ”authorize the theft of intellectual property” and will […]

Instagram co-founder responds to user outrage

If you felt a disturbance in the force earlier today, it was probably the Internet losing its collective cool over Instagram‘s new Terms of Service, which go into effect on January 16, 2013. We picked apart the new Terms in the latest installment of SlashGear 101, and while there are a few questionable Terms you’ll […]

GameSpy Server Shutdowns: Glu Mobile Responds, Blames Publishers

This week, gamers noticed that several games with online play that hinge on GameSpy Technology’s middleware had their online support shut down without any sort of notice from any of the parties involved. In April of this year, GameSpy Technologies was purchased from IGN for just under $ 3 million by GLU Mobile. The new […]

HP Responds To Apple Manufacturing: We Have Always Been ‘Made In USA’

Hewlett Packard wants buyers to know that many of its main systems have always been ‘Made in the USA.’ A recent discovery regarding Apple products being manufactured in the United States has spread like wildfire while other responsible US manufacturers have been tossed to the wayside. HP notes that it has been assembling its PCs […]

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