Survey reveals surprising results – if you’re selling to generation z, pick up the phone!

A recent survey of British shoppers has found that a majority of people prefer to talk on the phone rather than go online to get more information about complex purchases. Perhaps most surprising of all, more 16-24 year olds (32%) prefer to pick up the phone to discuss a purchase than 35-44 year olds (24%). […]

GCSE results reveal that girls perform better than boys in IT, but very few choose the subject

The latest GCSE results reveal that too few females are still choosing technology subjects, despite systematically getting better results than boys, according to global tech recruitment firm, Empiric. The latest data published by the Joint Council for Qualifications today highlighted that a minority of girls chose tech subjects, with just 1 in 5 GSCE computing […]

Ouya game jam results in 166 prototypes over 10-day period

The Ouya game jam, which came to an end on Jan. 23 after designers were given a 10 day period to develop a title for the upcoming console, resulted in 166 game prototypes, Ouya and Kill Screen announced. A full list of prototypes can be found on the official Kill Screen website, where users can […]

Google updating Image Search over the next few days, promises faster results

Google Image Search is about to under go another change, with the company announcing that it will be rolling out a new update over the next few days. While the update will provide multiple changes, the biggest one of relevance to the everyday Internet surfer is faster speeds with less clicking. After the update, web […]

Lack of Facebook “hide from search results” no reason to panic

This week we’re hearing a lot of talk about how the upcoming Graph Search inside Facebook will be un-privatizing us once again – let’s talk about why that’s not true. In a report in Ars Technica they note how once Graph Search is turned on for the masses, information you’d previously had hidden from search […]

Apple To Announce Q1 2013 Financial Results On Jan. 23

Apple has just announced that it will be posting its Q1 2013 financial results on Jan. 23. On that day, the Cupertino-based company will issue a press release detailing its earnings during its fourth fiscal quarter. Of course, the company, with CEO Tim Cook at the helm, will also hold a conference call. Specifically, Apple […]

Why can’t I move past the first page of search results?

Suddenly this is happening to me when I use Google, Yahoo and Bing. Anything beyond the first page of results does not appear and the only reference I can find is for users who state it disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Any ideas on why this has happened? The question Why can’t I move […]

Bing Social Results now available on Safari for iPad

On December 11, Microsoft rolled out an update to its Bing Social Results sidebar, which displays shared content from friends based on their social networking activity. Now, three days later, the company has announced another update to Social Results: support for iPad. Now iPad users who search with Bing will get to see the same […]

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