Man Finds Out That He’s Dead On Facebook After Returning From Vacation

A man returned from vacationing with his wife in Cancun to find out that has been proclaimed dead on Facebook. According to NBC News, Rusty Foster didn’t check his Facebook account while on vacation. When he returned, he discovered that he was dead on Facebook. When Foster attempted to log on to his Facebook account, […]

7 tips for returning electronics gifts

7 tips for returning electronics gifts Did you buy or receive any electronics gifts that your recipient or you just can’t use this holiday? It’s the thought that counts—and you’re thinking about how you can return them. We’ve already advised on returning gifts in general, but electronics are a special case. With that in mind, […]

Original BioShock composer Garry Schyman returning for BioShock Infinite

Yesterday, creative director of the BioShock series Ken Levine conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, and of course, he was asked a lot of fun questions and we ultimately got to see a side of Levine that was silly and awesome at the same time. However, he announced during the AMA that Garry […]

How can I navigate sequential bookmarks without returning to bookmark list to open each?

All emails tools allow you to read an email, then proceed directly to the next email inn your inbox without having to close the first, select the next, then double click to open. How can I do this in a browser? I have hundreds of art bookmarks, and want to be able to open the […]

SpaceX Dragon capsule leaves ISS, returning to Earth today

Today is a pretty big day for the folks at SpaceX and NASA, as the Dragon capsule has detached from the International Space Station and will soon begin plummet toward the surface of Earth. Engineers on the ground remotely controlled the station’s robotic arm as it removed the Dragon capsule from the ISS earlier today, […]

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