Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show Review

Ride ‘Em Rigby – Regular Show Review By Carter Dotson on January 29th, 2013 Our Rating: :: REGULAR GAMEUniversal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad Cartoon Network’s hit Regular Show comes to iOS in a solid-yet-unspectacular endless runner based off of one of the show’s episodes.   Developer: Ferry Halim and Cartoon Network Price: […]

Adam’s Fan Ride – Matthew Rouse

Adam’s Fan Ride Matthew Rouse Genre: Games Price: $ 0.99 Release Date: January 16, 2013 © © 2012 by Matthew Rouse of Oregon Voodoo Inc.

CES 2013: General Motors invites programmers to hack their ride

CES 2013: General Motors invites programmers to hack their ride General Motors is empowering programmers to develop applications for use in its cars with a new software development kit (SDK) announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With a similar strategy as Ford, GM has created a platform to enable enterprising programmers to create apps […]

The Great Jitters: Panic Ride Review

The Great Jitters: Panic Ride Review By Jennifer Allen on December 20th, 2012 Our Rating: :: GHOSTLY RUNNINGiPhone App – Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad Ride a ghost train around a haunted world and dodge the evil monsters within.   Developer: kunst-stoff GmbH Price: $ 0.99 Version Reviewed: 1.2 Device Reviewed On: […]

Coaster Crazy is an iOS Thrill Ride

Have you ever wished you could build your very own theme park full of crazy rollercoasters with enough twists, turns and drops that made everyone on them sick to their stomach, only to come back for more? Unless you’ve been a long-time PC gamer with fond memories of Roller Coaster Tycoon, the concept of being […]

‘Lord Of The Rings Online’: Take a High Speed Thrill Ride With The New War-Steed

Lord Of The Rings Online has always been one of my favorite MMOS. The game is visually stunning and has so much depth and detail it is impossible to ever run out of things to do and enemies to conquer. Now the fine folks at Turbine have raised the level of enjoyment to a new height, with […]

It’s Going To Be One Hell Of A Maximum Ride In Dodonpachi Maximum

Have you somehow grown tired of playing the awesomely named Dodonpachi Ressurection and Dodonpachi Blissful Death? Then you’ll be delighted to know that Cave‘s latest installment in the Dodonpachi series of iOS shooting games is here. And if its name is anything to go by, this new Dodonpachi game is the biggest yet. The name […]

Ride Waves of Light Through Space in Waveform

Games don’t often show players the future implications of their decisions or the systems behind their interactions, but for Eden Industries’ Waveform this is a core feature. It tasks you with guiding a wave of light safely through levels, layering ever greater complexity on a simple idea. Colorful visuals, great music, and slick presentation combine […]

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