Calling All Freshers! Get Ready for Uni Guide from Robert Dyas

A-level results are in and the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) has revealed that a record number of young people have applied to university this year.* In the next few weeks, many homes up and down the country will be filled with excitement and anticipation as rookie students get preparations underway for student life […]

Summer Burglary Prevention Advice from Robert Dyas

Home security is a high priority for most. It doesn’t matter if it’s for family, home or personal belongings, protection is always of paramount importance. Based on a recent report by the Metropolitan Police, published April 2018, residential burglaries have gone up by 33.68% in the last financial year.* This is a worrying statistic but […]

Robert Dyas Backs the Great British Egg Revival this Easter

Much like record players, Rubik’s Cubes and Dr Martens boots, eggs made something of a comeback last year. The latest egg industry data for year ending 31 December 2017, shows that almost 13billion eggs were consumed in 2017, an increase of +3% on 2016 figures.* Following the news that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) had […]

Cosy Up at Home This Valentine’s Day with Robert Dyas

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the mad rush to make plans for a romantic evening is well underway! For those who haven’t already sorted out their plans just yet, don’t let the thought of this Wednesday might fill you with dread rather than excitement. Organising a romantic Valentine’s Day experience can be incredibly stressful […]

Start the New Year Mould-Free with Robert Dyas

At first glance the question, ‘Is your house killing you?’, might seem a trifle overdramatic. That, or it reads like a rejected title for a bad horror movie. However, the threat, as implausible as it might sound, is real. Poor housing conditions can have devastating effects on our health. Citing healthy indoor air as a […]

15 months 2012/13 calendar wild flowers by robert plantfield

- enjoy 15 beautiful pictures of robert plantfield! – get a unique retina wallpaper once a month! – perfect for iphone 5 – each picture represents a month of the year – complete calendar for 2013 – bonus: nov/december 2012 + january 2014 – check the calendar on home and lock screen! – neat and […]

Actus Humanus – Robert Zaleski

Actus Humanus Robert Zaleski Genre: Music Release Date: December 3, 2012 © © Bonjour

‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2′ Live Action Trailer Stars Robert Downey Jr. [Video]

The live action trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 features Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., Cinema Blend is reporting. Directed by Sherlock Holmes filmmaker Guy Ritchie, the Black Ops 2 trailer shows prospective gamers the numerous ways you can completely obliterate your opponent during online play. Towards the tail end of the […]

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