Roku 3 1080p Streaming Media Player – $99.99

Can Roku and playstation do the same thing when it comes to streaming?

Question by Dulce: Can Roku and playstation do the same thing when it comes to streaming? I already have playstation which I used to watch Netflix, I am planning on canceling my cable. Do you think I need Roku or is having a playstation the same thing. Best answer: Answer by Beep Beep MeowThe Roku […]

Roku streamer hits 700 channels: Here are seven you have to watch

The little Apple TV rival that could, the Roku box, keeps going from strength to strength. Today, the company behind the media streamer that fits in the palm of your hand, has announced it’s hit the 700 channel milestone, making it one of the most diverse living room gadgets out there. If you’ve got a […]

Westinghouse To Introduce ‘Roku Ready’ TVs At CES 2013

As CES 2013 rapidly approaches, TV manufacturer Westinghouse has dished on one of the new innovations convention-goers can expect amidst the event’s vast number of consumer electronic innovations. Ahead of CES, Westinghouse Digital announced a new line of LED TVs for the coming year — devices that are “Roku Ready®” for streaming-happy consumers. The LED TVs […]

Roku adds Vevo and Spotify channels, still lacking YouTube

The Roku Box is a nifty $ 50 video streaming device that is scarcely larger than one’s palm, bringing a variety of content to television sets in up to 1080p. Now users can add Spotify and Vevo channels to the list of music offerings provided by the video device. Certain Roku users will have to […]

Roku 2 XS Game Compatible Streaming Media Reciever – $59.99*

Stream tons of media entertainment straight to your HDTV with support for 1080p Full HD resolutions.

Can I brose the Internet on my Roku 2 XS?

Is there a browser I can use to browse the Internet on my Roku2 XS? The question Can I brose the Internet on my Roku 2 XS? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Now TV hits Roku: Meet the world’s cheapest Sky box!

Now TV, Sky’s internet streaming telly service is now available from the very handy and puck-sized Roku media streamer, giving you access to offerings such as Sky Movies for a much cheaper price than a full blown Sky subscription, with even more channels and programmes slated to appear further down the line. While the service […]

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