128GB Apple iPad Rumored To Be In The Works

Apple is rumored to be prepping a 128GB Apple iPad, the first 128GB version of the company’s popular tablet PC line. 9to5Mac discovered a new iPad SKU for its fourth-generation device that will soon arrive on retailer store shelves. The Apple reporting website also reveals that the SKU features the name “ultimate” in its title. The […]

Nokia Laser rumored to be flagship Lumia for Verizon

According to the folks over at The Verge, Nokia is geared to provide Verizon with a flagship Lumia Windows Phone codenamed the Laser. The information is said to come from individuals who are familiar with Verizon and its 2013 plans. The device is said to be a version of the Lumia 920, and will be […]

Nexus 10 rumored for refresh with quad-core CPU, 8-core GPU

Google officially announced and showed off the Nexus 10 at last year’s Google I/O conference, and it certainly gave all other tablets a run for their money — the high-resolution display being just one big feature of the new device. However, rumors are pointing to a refresh of the new tablet, most notably an upgrade […]

Violin Memory rumored to have acquired GridIron Systems

Rumor has it that Violin Memory has acquired GridIron Systems, with the information coming from unnamed individuals who are said to be familiar with the situation. According to the folks at AllThingsD, the acquisition will be officially announced on Monday, January the 21 sans any financial details about the deal. Violin Memory manufactures enterprise-level storage […]

As Part Of Cost-Down Strategy, Rumored Lower-End iPhone To Have Plastic Chassis

Last week, DigiTimes brought back rumors from as far as a couple of years ago with a report that Apple is developing a less expensive iPhone. Now, it’s following up on that report with a different set of rumors regarding the fabled iPhone’s apparently cheaper outer structure. The Taiwanese news site, which is known for […]

Apple Rumored To Be Already Testing Golden Master Of iOS 6.1

Apple is already testing the final build of iOS 6.1, reports iFun. According to a “reliable source” of the German Apple-centric blog, the new beta of iOS 6.1 is currently being tested internally in Cupertino. The build in question is the fifth iOS 6.1 beta and is likely to be the golden master of the […]

Apple rumored to be in acquisition negotiations with Waze

The rumorsphere is alight with speculation that Apple is in advanced acquisition talks with Waze, with sources saying that Apple is trying to talk the company’s price down to somewhere in the half-billion dollar range. Apple already uses Waze as a data partner with its monumentally flawed Maps application. Waze is unique in that it […]

Apple Rumored To Be Testing Innolux’s Touch-On-Display Technology For Next iPhone

Apple is already working with Chimei Innolux on the display technology to be used on the next-generation iPhone, reports The China Times. Currently, the Cupertino-based company is applying in-cell screen technology on the iPhone 5. But this technology, which combines the display and the touch sensor into a single part, has led to certain interference […]

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