Top Energy Saving Products for 2018 – Appliances, Tech and Cars

With nearly 9 million Smart meters installed in UK, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what’s eating watts in their homes, and are looking at ways to reduce energy usage, both overall, and on a ‘product by product’ basis. Sust-it have been ranking appliances, tech and cars by their running costs for over 10 years. […]

Eco entrepreneurs reach out to the crowd to expand their energy saving website – have you Sust-it?

An entrepreneurial family have turned a passion for environmental sustainability and reducing their energy bills into a ‘go-to’ website for energy efficient products, Sust-it. The Sust-it energy saving website came about after the Lammas’ built an energy efficient home in Gloucestershire, back in 2006. When they completed the build, focus turned to their appliances and […]

Londoners resolve to prioritize socialising over saving in 2013

A survey by CitySocialising.com, the UK’s leading online to offline social network, has revealed that Londoners are set to put their financial woes on the back burner as they resolve to make the most of their spare time in 2013. For the first time since conducting the same survey back in 2010 it seems getting […]

Saving ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: BioWare Works Hard To Revive Their Struggling MMO

When Star Wars The Old Republic made its much ballyhooed debut in December of 2011, many gamers were promoting it as the next WoW killer. While no sane game design company would make a game just to attract more subscribers than World Of Warcraft, BioWare had high hopes for their new game. Sadly, things did not […]

15 Time Saving And Clutter Free Safari Features & Tips You Should Know About

If browsing the web is one of the top three things you do on your computer everyday, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with as many time saving and clutter free features as you can. While there are several features I would like to see added to Safari, it’s still my default web […]

npower has ‘Grand Designs’ on saving energy

Consumers looking to take control of their energy costs will be able to get the latest energy efficiency advice from npower at this year’s Grand Designs Live. Visitors to Grand Designs will be able to meet with npower’s energy experts, receive energy efficiency advice, discuss what renewable technologies are available to them and sign up […]

Amazon Customer Review: I’m saving up money…

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