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The Most Embarrassing Best Kept Health Secret is now in the UK!

The Squatty Potty revolution is set to take the UK by storm and change the way Brits do their ‘business’! It’s not exactly dinner party conversation but did you know that the design of our toilets in the UK, whilst comfortable to use, do not allow our bodies to get rid of waste properly? When […]

The Secret To Getting The Best Deals On All The Stuff You Want

If you make frequent online purchases using big-name retailers, such as Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart, then you probably know about the deal finding sites SlickDeals and Fatwallet. A little known secret is that all the deal-hunting websites publish their best finds online through RSS feeds. The amount of deals found in these feeds staggers the mind. Unfortunately, […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera: Our Secret Star of CES

CES isn’t short of product launches, and if you want to keep up you need the right tools. For 2013, the SlashGear team tried out a new workflow: carrying Samsung’s Galaxy Camera and doing as much of our uploading of photos and video wirelessly. We’d already been impressed by the Galaxy Camera in our review, […]

Micro games consoles: The secret skills of the tiny new PS4 killers

They’re the latest sensation online: from Ouya to GameStick, a whole new breed of tiny games consoles is starting to emerge. They’ll play all the latest 3D, HD mobile games with an old-school controller for the fraction of the price of a Sony PS4 or Xbox 720. But that’s not the only reason to get […]

The Secret To Profitable Printing With Your Inkjet In Three Easy Steps

Ironically, while printer ink costs more than champagne, cost-savvy consumers can actually make money using their inkjet. It just takes three simple steps—none of which lead to jail. Clearly, printer ink is expensive: It costs up to $ 800 a gallon, an unfortunate fact inkjet users feel deeply about because of the looming holiday season […]

Sony’s secret plan to bring Wii U games to the PS3 revealed!

The Nintendo Wii U, Ninty’s latest games console, stands out from its more traditional rivals with a gamepad that packs a screen inside it. Or does it? As Sony’s PS Vita handheld reaches its first birthday, the Japanese gaming giant has dropped a massive hint that it’s working on bringing Wii U dual-screen games to […]

Apple TV Being Tested In Secret, Will Eventually Debut

When it comes to the Apple TV, the tech giant is taking its time and trying different concepts in a secret location. According to a source at manufacturer Foxconn, Apple is currently testing HDTV models that range in size from 46 inches to 55 inches. While testing might be underway, FocusTaiwan claims that a 2013 launch […]

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