Survey reveals surprising results – if you’re selling to generation z, pick up the phone!

A recent survey of British shoppers has found that a majority of people prefer to talk on the phone rather than go online to get more information about complex purchases. Perhaps most surprising of all, more 16-24 year olds (32%) prefer to pick up the phone to discuss a purchase than 35-44 year olds (24%). […]

anyone know a site that allows buying and selling widgets for iphone?

Question by Peace and Love: anyone know a site that allows buying and selling widgets for iphone? i go this tomtom iphone app which is great but i dont need to use it any more, would love to sell it for 20 percent less, anyone? Best answer: Answer by Let there be lightshould be allowed […]

What are the most effective platforms and respective forms of protection for selling a program while minimizing loss of revenue to file-sharing?

If a person – has an idea for a software, and – is concerned about minimizing loss of revenue due to file sharing, – and also has the option of choosing any of several platforms for development and distribution (Windows, iPad/iPhone, Web-based internet app, etc.)… then which combination of development tool / platform / protection […]

Ebay Updates App To Streamline, Simplify Shopping And Selling

Ebay Updates App To Streamline, Simplify Shopping And Selling Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 8th, 2013 [ permalink ] iPhone App – Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad Ebay updated its universal iOS app yesterday to help simplify and streamline the process of buying and selling on the go. The new version […]

eBay iOS app updates with improved search and easier selling

eBay‘s mobile app has been getting better and better with each update, and the company released a new update recently that comes with some significant improvements, namely better search capabilities, new features that make selling items easier, and an improved checkout process that makes buying items on the auction site easier as well. The updated […]

GameStop now selling Kindle Fire tablets, $25 Amazon gift card with purchase

Video game retailer GameStop is now selling select Kindle Fire tablets in stores across the US, just in time for the holiday season. They’re offering the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet for $ 199.99 at all 4,400 stores, and the non-HD 7-inch version and the 8.9-inch HD for $ 159.99 and $ 299.99, respectively, “at […]

AT&T Is Selling Refurbished iPhone 5 For $99

No need to spend much to buy an iPhone 5 in this holiday season. As AT&T is now started selling the refurbished 16 GB iPhone 5 for $ 99, 32 GB for $ 199 and the 64 GB for $ 299. This is almost $ 100 less of what Apple and other carriers offer for […]

Are You Selling Your Android? Here’s How to Wipe It Squeaky Clean

Not so long ago, James wrote an article about all the things you should do before you sell or give away your computer or tablet. The general principles were fantastic, but what if you’re planning on selling an Android device? What steps should you take to ensure that every trace of you has been wiped […]

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