Survey shows significant consequences for businesses that demonstrate poor data security practices during the pandemic

With recent news reporting a marked increase in cyberattack attempts, as criminals try to exploit organisations which are now operating remotely1, new research from PCI Pal® has uncovered that a significant proportion of consumers will act with their feet and take their custom elsewhere, should their personal data be compromised by a business due to […]

A Breath of Filthy Air? Study Shows Quarter of Britons Breathe Polluted Air in Own Homes

London, 5 November 2019 – A quarter of Britons[1] are breathing polluted air in their homes each day. On average, Britons spend 90% of their time indoors[2], so it is vital that they check the quality of the indoor air they breathe and take the correct measures to make their environment healthier. According to data […]

Research Shows Personalised, Proactive Service Becoming the Standard for Modern Customer Outreach

Major new market research shows how brands are getting a lot more personal and proactive when it comes to connecting to customers Dublin, Ireland & Wokingham, UK. March 2, 2017 – Customer engagement services leader VoiceSage, in partnership with the UK Contact Centre Forum (UKCCF), has published in-depth market research that presents a true snapshot […]

CCTV Shows Vandal Jumping on Six Cars in a Showroom, AlertSystems Comments

The leading providers of commercial security at AlertSystems have commented on the recent news about a youth who was recorded leaping across vehicles at a garage forecourt. A youth has reportedly caused around £5,000 worth of damage after running across six cars and attempting a handstand on the seventh. The incident occurred at a garage […]

CCTV Footage Shows Thieves Stealing Poppy Tins, Reports AlertSystems

Leading provider of commercial CCTV, AlertSystems, has commented on the recent news regarding two thieves who stole five red appeal boxes during a three-day spree. Two thieves were caught on two separate commercial CCTV cameras attempting to steal poppy tins in the run up to Remembrance Day. The pair are reported to have stolen five […]

New research shows how online retailers can tackle music piracy

New research from a leading European business school shows that there are two strategies online retailers should adopt in order to combat the problem of illegal music downloads. The first is to develop a free music approach, targeted at young users and supported by advertisements. The second is to market a high-quality music offering to […]

Research shows playing first-person shooters improves learning abilities, cognitive function

A growing body of research indicates that playing first-person action games, particularly shooters, improves brain function such as cognitive abilities and learning skills — changes that have real-life applications, reports Scientific American Mind. Brain skills improved by playing first-person shooters include more than hand-eye coordination, a long-held assumption: Studies cited by Scientific American Mind found […]

RIM, now ‘BlackBerry,’ shows off new Q10 and Z10 smart phones and OS

RIM, now ‘BlackBerry,’ shows off new Q10 and Z10 smart phones and OS After more than a year, RIM has finally taken the wraps off new BlackBerry smart phones that use Version 10 of its operating system. And RIM has officially changed its name to BlackBerry. Two new phones were launched at a press event […]

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